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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.405.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix skin editor not exiting correctly when using the menu by @peppy in #17506
  • Remove unnecessary SetReplayScore call in ModCinema by @peppy in #17525
  • Better inform users of migration failure reason when running Apple Silicon build by @peppy in #17502
  • Fix "Barrel Roll" tooltip not limiting decimal places for spin speed by @frenzibyte in #17530
  • Adjust legacy combo counter appearance to closer match stable by @Wieku in #17510
  • Ignore EF-to-realm migration tests on M1 ARM architectures by @frenzibyte in #17547
  • Add ability to "migrate" data to another folder which has an existing install by @peppy in #17527
  • Move all usages of client.realm filename to a single const by @peppy in #17551
  • Fix scores sometimes shown with incorrect scoring mode by @smoogipoo in #17550
  • Mark both "Autoplay" and "Cinema" mods as mutually exclusive by @frenzibyte in #17546
  • Remove song source from main wedge display by @peppy in #17555
  • Fix MultiplayerMatchSongSelect potentially attempting to exit when not the current screen by @peppy in #17556
  • Fix countdown timer not refreshing on new countdown by @smoogipoo in #17520
  • Fix autoplay avatar being clickable on results screen by @peppy in #17509
  • Fix osu! logo being clicked when exiting via cmd-q on initial state by @Joehuu in #17568
  • Ignore line ending normalisation commit from blame by @Joehuu in #17569
  • Remove ScoreInfo allocations in multiplayer leaderboard by @smoogipoo in #17565
  • Fix multiplayer sounds playing too much after gameplay by @peppy in #17572
  • Focus focus not being transferred correctly to parent settings panel on exiting nested panel by @peppy in #17570
  • Fix tournament bracket parsing's ruleset refetch logic not working correctly by @peppy in #17574
  • Increase font weight for runtime clock by @peppy in #17575
  • Extract the hit object positioning logic of random mod to a separate class by @hlysine in #17194
  • Remove BPM slider by @CenTdemeern1 in #17581
  • Implement sheared toggle button by @bdach in #17559
  • Make the toolbar clock feel more like a button by @CenTdemeern1 in #17579
  • Add ability to switch between most common tournament scenes using key bindings by @peppy in #17589
  • Rename "Aim Assist" to "Magnetised" to better suit the mod's behaviour by @peppy in #17588
  • Disable ability to use random skin shortcut from within the skin editor by @peppy in #17593
  • Move SkinnableInfo error handling to lower level by @peppy in #17594
  • Apply minor changes to the issue report template by @frenzibyte in #17490
  • Fix automatically created "(modified)" skins getting conflicting names by @peppy in #17592
  • Add test coverage for toolbar clock mode cycling by @CenTdemeern1 in #17609
  • Store beatmap listing card size in game configuration by @frenzibyte in #17615
  • Display pass/play count in success rate percentage tooltip by @frenzibyte in #17613
  • Implement ChatTextBox for new chat design by @jai-x in #17545
  • Make overlay shortcuts able to be toggled instead of repeatable by @ajiiisai in #17617
  • Fix max combo calculation in osu diffcalc and add tests by @hlysine in #16575
  • Fix playlist refreshing all items on order change by @smoogipoo in #17598
  • Update framework by @peppy in #17644
  • Stabilise countdown updates to be based on when whole seconds change by @peppy in #17643
  • Handle repeated OnPressed() on FooterButton (without FooterButtonRandom) by @ajiiisai in #17653
  • Fix various breakage in delete local score test scene by @bdach in #17651
  • Adjust osu!taiko hit size and strong scale to exactly match osu!(stable) by @frenzibyte in #17619
  • Adjust osu!taiko legacy hit target size to match osu!(stable) by @frenzibyte in #17621
  • Make several delete confirmation buttons dangerous buttons by @CenTdemeern1 in #17650
  • Add SFX for multiplayer lobby countdown timer by @nekodex in #17604
  • Allow importing sprites into a skin via drag-and-drop by @peppy in #17596
  • Import new skin editor sprites to the cursor location by @peppy in #17597

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