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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.319.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix incorrect copied room end dates by @smoogipoo in #17253
  • Restructure PerformanceCalculator to not require ScoreInfo argument by @smoogipoo in #17242
  • Remove score + ruleset allocations in PerformancePointsCounter by @smoogipoo in #17243
  • Remove current screen check from skin editor changes by @peppy in #17259
  • Fix PlaylistResultsScreen test failures by @jai-x in #17263
  • Allow skin components to have settings by @peppy in #17226
  • Add EditorSidebar component by @peppy in #17260
  • Fix potential crash when highlighting chat messages by @peppy in #17271
  • Hide the game toolbar (and overlays) when entering the skin editor by @peppy in #17272
  • Add a basic scene library to skin editor by @peppy in #17273
  • Update skin editor to use EditorSidebar by @peppy in #17277
  • Update skin editor toolbox design to suck less by @peppy in #17274
  • Show settings for multiple skin components in a selection by @peppy in #17278
  • Update mod instantiation utility method inline with APIMod.ToMod changes by @frenzibyte in #17286
  • Add "Reset position" menu item in skin editor by @peppy in #17282
  • Improve OsuManualInputManagerTestScene button clicking helper function by @smoogipoo in #17300
  • Fix message highlighting crashing when chat overlay is never open by @frenzibyte in #17290
  • Integrate multiplayer button implementations into the buttons themselves by @smoogipoo in #17301
  • Make TestSceneLeadIn run on a manual clock for better time comparison by @frenzibyte in #17307
  • Only show components in skin editor which are usable on the current screen by @peppy in #17279
  • Fix SkinComponentToolbox attempting to create instances of abstract classes by @peppy in #17325
  • Add new settings for adjusting the hit error display by @peppy in #17320
  • Display beatmap maximum combo next to score combo in results panel by @frenzibyte in #17324
  • Fix intermittent ready button test failure by @smoogipoo in #17323
  • Add "bug report" GitHub issue form template by @frenzibyte in #17322
  • Improve visual behaviour of "hold for menu" to not distract players by @frenzibyte in #17337
  • Fix spectator not starting from current player position (hotfix version) by @peppy in #17341
  • Make Relax and Aim assist mods incompatible by @Sublimelime in #17331
  • Simplify IncreasesCombo/BreaksCombo helper method implementation by @frenzibyte in #17327
  • Update download links for macOS builds (to add Apple Silicon) by @nekodex in #17299

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