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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.314.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Allow tabbing between textboxes in sample point popover by @bdach in #17116
  • Fix storyboard samples rate not adjusted from actual gameplay mods by @frenzibyte in #17059
  • Implement popup screen title component by @bdach in #17134
  • Refactor channel scrolling container to handle non-user scrolls by @frenzibyte in #17115
  • Disallow interaction with carousel set difficulty icons unless selected by @peppy in #17138
  • Add ability to watch properties via a RealmAccess helper method by @peppy in #17075
  • Replace squirrel fork with Clowd.Squirrel by @peppy in #17046
  • Fix BeatmapLeaderboard refreshing on changes in local offset setting by @peppy in #17155
  • Add IsBasic() and IsTick() extensions on HitResult by @smoogipoo in #17159
  • Remove user from SubmittableScore by @peppy in #17160
  • Fix incorrect serialisation of submitted scores by @peppy in #17157
  • Fix intermittent multiplayer ready button test failures by @smoogipoo in #17165
  • Fix potential crash on rare incorrect firing of skin dropdown update methods by @peppy in #17166
  • Fix potential test failure on slow realm callback in TestSceneBeatmapDownloadButton by @peppy in #17167
  • Refactor song select test methods to be resilient to slow realm callbacks by @peppy in #17169
  • Refactor top local rank test method to be more resilient to slow realm callbacks by @peppy in #17170
  • Add flow to allow recovery after running an older release (with a different realm database version) by @peppy in #17158
  • Implement difficulty multiplier display for new mod select design by @bdach in #17152
  • Fix scores not being recalculated in beatmap overlay by @smoogipoo in #17161
  • Fix avatar not clickable after watching replay by @smoogipoo in #17185
  • Fix beatmap carousel panels accepting input while marked as not-visible by @peppy in #17188
  • Implement Adaptive Speed mod by @hlysine in #17054
  • Separate randomization and object positioning logic in osu random mod by @hlysine in #17153
  • Fix not being able to copy playlist rooms without opening them first by @smoogipoo in #17187
  • Update dependencies by @peppy in #17193
  • Tune classic mod scaling per-ruleset by @smoogipoo in #17195
  • Change ToMod to return an UnknownMod rather than throw if a mod isn't available by @peppy in #17191
  • Rework ScoreProcessor score calculation methods to fix various issues by @smoogipoo in #17164
  • Fix crash during kiai section on specific map due to negative transform duration by @SiimPender in #17150
  • Fix feedback from realm writes causing offset slider to jump around by @peppy in #17162
  • Fix potential test failures due to slow realm refresh in TestSceneScreenNavigation by @peppy in #17197
  • Implement ChannelListing for new chat design by @jai-x in #17180
  • Fix skin components toolbox not autosizing properly by @frenzibyte in #17206
  • Fix intermittent failures on TestBeatmapDownloadingFlow due to slow realm refresh by @peppy in #17203
  • Fix potential multiplayer crash with async disposal by @smoogipoo in #17199
  • Fix beatmap wedge possibly applying transforms incorrectly and crashing by @smoogipoo in #17198
  • Automatically bind BlueprintContainer's SelectedItems with its SelectionHandler by @peppy in #17208
  • Add support for highlighting chat messages by @frenzibyte in #17137
  • Nudge osu!taiko playfield's height to perfectly match with osu!(stable) by @frenzibyte in #17235
  • Fix SkinnableSprites in storyboards not autosizing to the textures by @frenzibyte in #17238
  • Remove osu!taiko playfield's 16:9 aspect ratio lock on "Classic" mod by @frenzibyte in #17225
  • Expose UseDevelopmentServer as virtual by @smoogipoo in #17240
  • Fix drawable storyboard sprites not flipping origin on negative scale by @frenzibyte in #17239
  • Allow skin editor to target different target containers for placement purposes by @peppy in #17218
  • Refactor SkinEditor to support switching target screens without full reload by @peppy in #17217
  • Fix samples not being preloaded before gameplay starts by @peppy in #17244
  • Improve readability of hit error display by @peppy in #17245
  • Confine the host cursor when using "everything" screen scaling by @Susko3 in #17216
  • Add skinning support for "Welcome" intro sequence by @frenzibyte in #17196

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