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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.306.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Display star ratings in tournament mode using two decimal places by @peppy in #17012
  • Fix missing dependency in test by @smoogipoo in #17015
  • Add support for arbitrary beat divisors by @bdach in #17013
  • Show hit error on results screen by @peppy in #17018
  • Fix iOS builds occasionally crashing on startup by @frenzibyte in #17019
  • Fix performance statistic not handling rulesets with unimplemented calculator by @frenzibyte in #17034
  • Add RealmAccess.WriteAsync method and more statistics of realm reads/writes by @peppy in #17023
  • Fix taiko difficulty adjust scroll speed being shown with too low precision by @peppy in #17048
  • Allow LegacyScoreEncoder to be used without a beatmap if frames are already legacy frames by @peppy in #17017
  • Replace skin editor buttons with menu bar by @peppy in #17050
  • Implement column display for new mod design by @bdach in #17014
  • Add basic beatmap offset adjustment by @peppy in #17026
  • Remove padding from distribution graph bars to fix some bars becoming invisible at low sizes by @peppy in #17067
  • Add ability for player loading screen settings to scroll by @peppy in #17070
  • Apply scaling container transforms at a single point to improve transitions by @peppy in #17049
  • Improve leaderboard messaging when using a custom ruleset (and add localisation support) by @peppy in #17042
  • Change IUpdatableByPlayfield.Update to be called by the main playfield only by @hlysine in #17069
  • Reword ide section of readme to always use latest version by @Joehuu in #17082
  • Fix potential crash in tests when attempting to lookup key bindings in cases the lookup is not available by @peppy in #17071
  • Fix profile badges potentially showing on incorrect profile when switching users by @peppy in #17086
  • Fix calibrating offset from previous non-zero offset not applying adjustment correctly by @peppy in #17091
  • Fix wiki links containing locale not loading when opened from chat. by @miniriley2012 in #17090
  • Fix hit distribution graph midpoint rounding not looking great around zero by @peppy in #17068
  • Reduce 'cursor-tap' sample playback volume on MouseUp by @nekodex in #17100
  • Update resources by @peppy in #17101
  • Add ability to select which display the game runs on by @peppy in #17047
  • Add tooltip text for offset adjustment slider by @peppy in #17073
  • Centralise implementation of slider bars which display millisecond time values by @peppy in #17087
  • Show beatmap offset adjustments in a more visual way by @peppy in #17093

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