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5 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.226.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Copy screenshots to clipboard by @uzervlad in #16907
  • Fix storyboard background replacement logic not working for beatmaps with multiple backgrounds by @peppy in #16910
  • Add all colour constants for "basic" colour theme to OsuColour by @bdach in #16933
  • Allow room category to be copied even if Spotlight by @peppy in #16942
  • Add safeties to skip attempted import of the intro beatmap when osu! ruleset not present by @peppy in #16939
  • Scale classic score by hitobject count instead of max combo by @smoogipoo in #16938
  • Add text displaying recent score time on the leaderboard by @dekrain in #16894
  • Ensure spotlights always show at the top of the lounge listing by @peppy in #16943
  • Update playlist room display to a three column layout by @peppy in #16945
  • Fix TestSceneEditorSaving not waiting for timeline load by @peppy in #16961
  • Fix beatmap overlay not re-fetching results after initial login by @peppy in #16960
  • Fix handling of badly-formatted osu:// urls by @Susko3 in #16964
  • Implement mod switches for new mod select design by @bdach in #16951
  • Add handling of beatmap links on startup by @peppy in #16909
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16969
  • Give "Spun Out" dynamic spin rate by @sh0ckR6 in #16860
  • Fix playlists not allowing entry with partial mods by @smoogipoo in #16979
  • Fix SignalR union workaround resolver failing on multiple union'd types by @smoogipoo in #16980
  • Remove Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers package by @smoogipoo in #16981
  • Update playlists/multiplayer to use new compact response by @peppy in #16944
  • Don't expose "mark as read" errors to the user via notifications by @peppy in #16976
  • Implement mod panel for new mod select design by @bdach in #16974
  • Allow exiting/minimizing the game on Android when on the initial screen by @Susko3 in #16924
  • Fix LegacyBeatmapDecoder not populating correct rulesets by @peppy in #16890
  • Allow pausing audio via hotkey at multiplayer lobby and results screen by @peppy in #16977
  • Add chat display to multiplayer spectator by @smoogipoo in #16985
  • Improve resilience of spectator frame communication to ensure replays are sent in full by @peppy in #16975
  • Update build configurations for Rider and VSCode for net6.0 by @MiraiSubject in #16987
  • Add button to open currently selected tournament in file explorer by @MiraiSubject in #16986

Full Changelog: 2022.217.0...2022.226.0

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