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5 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.216.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix crash on disconnection during multi-spectate by @smoogipoo in #16823
  • Display performance breakdown in a tooltip by @hlysine in #16483
  • Fix comparison leading to incorrect beatmap availabilities by @smoogipoo in #16826
  • Fix playlist overlay crash when pressing enter with no selection by @peppy in #16830
  • Improve ruleset templates by @hlysine in #16832
  • Update fastlane to latest release by @peppy in #16838
  • Fix migration errors not outputting the call stack to logs by @peppy in #16842
  • Allow game folder migration to fail gracefully when cleanup cannot completely succeed by @peppy in #16844
  • Add user state to SpectatorState, allowing multiplayer to continue to results by @smoogipoo in #16827
  • Update resources by @peppy in #16849
  • Standardise grouping and ordering of IRulesetInfo/RulesetInfos by @frenzibyte in #16852
  • Add read-only pinned scores view in user profile overlay by @frenzibyte in #16850
  • Standardise and combine base implementation of score submission requests by @peppy in #16854
  • Add test coverage checking carousel panel visual state after ruleset filter change by @peppy in #16853
  • Ignore short spinners for Relax mod by @PercyDan54 in #16856
  • Abstractify ExpandingButtonContainer and support contraction of settings controls by @frenzibyte in #16574
  • Add test coverage of EF to Realm migration process by @peppy in #16877
  • Remove ruleset and mod bindables from PlaylistItem by @smoogipoo in #16876
  • Update desktop projects to target .NET 6 by @peppy in #16843
  • Add option to create copy of existing difficulty by @bdach in #16861
  • Fix incorrectly cached lookup components in tests by @smoogipoo in #16879
  • Add XMLDocs to difficulty attribute properties by @smoogipoo in #16884
  • Remove mod multipliers from applying to scores by @smoogipoo in #16889

Full Changelog: 2022.205.0...2022.216.0

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