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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.205.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Ensure beatmap carousel scroll position is maintained during deletion operations by @peppy in #16647
  • Fix a couple of cases of incorrect equality checks in the case both values are null by @peppy in #16677
  • Change some beatmap info/metadata defaults in a backwards compatible manner by @bdach in #16663
  • Ensure hold for menu button fades out if the cursor is never moved by @peppy in #16678
  • Fix occasional non-fatal errors from polling API requests incorrectly getting queued twice by @peppy in #16673
  • Fix editor crashing on custom rulesets due to ChangeHandler not being supported by @peppy in #16676
  • Fix delete local scores via "Clear all scores" button crashing the game by @peppy in #16681
  • Increase lenience of alpha check in TestSceneOsuModNoScope by @peppy in #16683
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16687
  • Fix approach rate not being transferred from OD on older beatmaps by @peppy in #16686
  • Fix SongSelect incorrectly exposing decoupled ruleset to child screens by @peppy in #16697
  • Run EF migrations before migrating to realm by @peppy in #16702
  • Add failsafe to IntroScreen to stop users with incorrect audio configuration getting stuck by @peppy in #16710
  • Rewrite Leaderboard component to bring up to current code standards by @peppy in #16703
  • Purge final spectator frames before ending play by @smoogipoo in #16690
  • Refactor carousel drawables to reduce invalidations by @peppy in #16716
  • Fix stable import not working when multiple configuration files exist with different file case by @peppy in #16696
  • Fix test failures if DialogOverlay is not loaded in time by @peppy in #16717
  • Add "counter" keyword for key overlay setting by @peppy in #16718
  • Rewrite HardwareCorrectionOffsetClock to handle seeking on different gameplay rates by @frenzibyte in #16714
  • Fix multiplayer spectator occasionally freezing at start unexpectedly by @frenzibyte in #16713
  • Add basic touch input support for osu!mania by @peppy in #16719
  • Implement spectator consistency frames by @smoogipoo in #16722
  • Fix several cases of unused constructor and method parameters by @bdach in #16734
  • Add "Hold Off" mod (no long notes) by @Spooghetti420 in #16658
  • Add basic tooltip for leaderboard scores by @dekrain in #16726
  • Add cursor 'tap' audio feedback by @nekodex in #16739
  • Fix rulesets potentially being marked Available even when methods are missing by @peppy in #16738
  • Fix crash when selecting non-osu! ruleset mods as freemod by @smoogipoo in #16742
  • Use 0.1 keyboard step for "Difficulty Adjust" sliders by @frenzibyte in #16748
  • Fix flashlight size multiplier printing with too many decimal digits by @bdach in #16751
  • Add "Aim Assist" mod by @MaxOhn in #5774
  • Add "Alternate" mod for osu! ruleset by @LeNitrous in #16701
  • Fix API requests not completing when offline by @smoogipoo in #16758
  • Wait for DialogOverlay load in more tests by @peppy in #16761
  • Fix TestSelectingFilteredRuleset failing under visual tests due to using local database by @peppy in #16762
  • Trigger a re-layout of HUD components when scoring mode is changed by @peppy in #16760
  • Add audio feedback to song select 'random' by @nekodex in #16675
  • Add ability to create new difficulties from within the editor by @bdach in #16754
  • Allow statistic items in results screen to display without needing to watch a replay by @hlysine in #16743
  • Lock screen orientation to landscape on mobile phones by @Susko3 in #16733
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16770
  • Fix crash when gameplay is started while inside multiplayer spectator screen by @smoogipoo in #16773
  • Play both 'random beatmap' and 'beatmap selection changed' samples when hitting random by @nekodex in #16777
  • Fix the game overlapping notches and punch-hole cameras on mobile devices by @peppy in #16772
  • Fix test scene broken without being logged in by @smoogipoo in #16774
  • Refactor TestSpectatorClient implementation by @smoogipoo in #16778
  • Revert "Merge pull request #16716 from peppy/carousel-less-invalidations" by @peppy in #16782

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