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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.118.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix effect point multiplier text box displaying too much decimal digits by @bdach in #16366
  • Fade out inactive player rows on user ranking table by @bdach in #16382
  • Update resources by @peppy in #16389
  • Update FilterMatchingTest and filter code to use ruleset's OnlineID by @peppy in #16390
  • Fix LegacyScoreDecoderTest incorrectly comparing unset beatmap IDs by @peppy in #16359
  • Add mention to detach methods of only running once by @peppy in #16393
  • Fix multiplayer starting gameplay using last picked item ruleset rather than actual current item ruleset by @bdach in #16362
  • Apply osu! side fixes for usage of Task.Wait and Task.Result by @peppy in #16309
  • Add tooltip with relative rotation in degrees to rotation handles by @bdach in #16371
  • Fix PP counter underflow with SpunOut mod by @smoogipoo in #16405
  • Ensure first control point starts at 0 in most common beat length calculation by @smoogipoo in #16409
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16411
  • Fix incorrect action returned for wiki links in DEBUG mode by @smoogipoo in #16412
  • Improve quality of beatmap background blurs by @smoogipoo in #16413
  • Update outdated OpenTabletDriver FAQ links by @r00ster91 in #16414
  • Apply slider snapping to current beat divisor more liberally to match user expectations by @bdach in #16354
  • Fix main menu background with storyboard stopping after entering and exiting song select by @bdach in #16264
  • Fix calculation of most common beat length for mania scroll speed by @smoogipoo in #16407
  • Add button to compact realm on demand by @peppy in #16423
  • Update macOS minimum supported version in line with .NET 5 by @frenzibyte in #16425
  • Allow "disable mouse button" setting to apply to touch as well by @peppy in #16330
  • Fix skin hash repopulation not working since realm migration by @peppy in #16431
  • Fix mania requiring PERFECTs to maintain HP by @smoogipoo in #16430
  • Fix test failures due to double BeginPlaying calls by @peppy in #16434
  • Fix intermittent screen navigation tests by @smoogipoo in #16436
  • Normalise more identifier names by @Joehuu in #16273
  • Fix pasted sliders having sample points with time at infinity by @bdach in #16420
  • Add volume dip to track during fail sequence by @nekodex in #16443
  • Fix chat poll rate being too low in multiplayer lobby and gameplay by @peppy in #16442
  • Fix osu.Game.Tests.Android not building by @Susko3 in #16452
  • Update Rider generated .idea files by @Susko3 in #16460
  • Remove unused params from BDL methods by @Susko3 in #16459
  • Assign position to spinner ticks for correct positional sound playback by @frenzibyte in #16463
  • Add audio feedback for host change in multiplayer rooms by @nekodex in #16447
  • Strip @2x scale specifications from legacy texture lookups if present by @bdach in #16477
  • Move VersionManager from osu.Desktop to osu.Game by @Susko3 in #16474
  • Fix gameplay not completing on some taiko maps by @bdach in #16475
  • Add test to check full flow of rebinding gameplay key bindings by @peppy in #16482
  • Rewrite TestSceneScoresContainer to work again by @peppy in #16481
  • Update nuget packages and framework by @peppy in #16486
  • Specify realm pipe path location by @peppy in #16487
  • Add test coverage of aggregate scores displaying correctly at multiplayer/playlists screens by @peppy in #16489

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