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7 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.108.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix "disable beatmap hitsounds" setting also preventing storyboard samples from playing by @bdach in #16254
  • Fix legacy combo counter not fully hiding for rulesets that implement their own by @bdach in #16257
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16265
  • Fix and normalise most identifier names in code by @Joehuu in #16266
  • Revert rename of implicitly-used newtonsoft method by @bdach in #16268
  • Remove unused SharpRaven package reference from osu.iOS.props by @turbedi in #16271
  • Add support for animated hit circle overlay by @bdach in #16272
  • Fix TestSceneMultiSpectatorLeaderboard not waiting for user population by @peppy in #16283
  • Fix null reference causing crash in KiaiFlashingDrawable by @peppy in #16282
  • Avoid potential deadlocks in ArchiveReader synchronous implementation by @peppy in #16284
  • Improve reliability of TestStoryboardSkipOutro by @peppy in #16292
  • Reduce overhead from chat polling when game is not active by @peppy in #16253
  • Positional sounds strength adjustment slider implementation by @mk56-spn in #15844
  • Fix calling SkinEditorOverlay.Show before the overlay is loaded causing an exception by @peppy in #16278
  • Add test coverage of score submission if player is exited during import by @bdach in #16314
  • Fix beatmap listing overlay not expiring content from previous searches by @bdach in #16313
  • Add padding to the bottom of the beatmap listing overlay to avoid hovered panels exceeding visible bounds by @peppy in #16307
  • Fix cursors sent to osu-web being potentially string formatted in incorrect culture by @peppy in #16321
  • Implement PageSelector component by @EVAST9919 in #6035
  • Fix editor playfield not being centered correctly by @peppy in #16327
  • Change editor flip hotkeys to perform flips around origin by @peppy in #16328
  • Contract editor toolboxes when not in use by @peppy in #16342
  • Fix settings toolbox toggle button starting in incorrect state by @bdach in #16347
  • Fix MultiplayerMatchSubScreen mutating mods outside of bindable lease by @peppy in #16291
  • Fix IPCLocationTest not waiting for load of component by @peppy in #16350
  • Fix intermittent failure in score submission test by @bdach in #16341
  • Add basic "time ago" display to leaderboards on beatmap overlay by @bdach in #16355

Full Changelog: 2021.1225.0...2022.108.0

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