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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.927.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix wiki main page blurb overflowing at higher ui scale by @Joehuu in #14771
  • Disallow track adjustments on playlists / multi lounge by @Joehuu in #14772
  • Move AllowTrackAdjustments specification to RoomSubScreen by @peppy in #14774
  • Fix skin editor potentially leaving game-wide masking in the wrong state by @peppy in #14775
  • Fix the default background parallax being set incorrectly when no screen is present by @peppy in #14780
  • Fix a couple of remaining temp file edge cases in tests by @peppy in #14777
  • Refocus the multiplayer password entry textbox on failed join by @peppy in #14782
  • Move login panel related files to own namespace and tidy up class nesting by @peppy in #14783
  • Fix taiko flashlight positioning/sizing incorrectly by @smoogipoo in #14784
  • Add audio feedback for incorrect multiplayer room password by @nekodex in #14785
  • Add missing licence headers by @bdach in #14807
  • Implement legacy osu! cursor particles by @Opelkuh in #14759
  • Clear UR bar marks after seeking by @sh0ckR6 in #14702
  • Fix repeat arrows being hidden beneath head circles in legacy skins by @peppy in #14602
  • Add difficulty skill for Flashlight mod by @MBmasher in #14217
  • Include Flashlight in total SR calculation by @MBmasher in #14753
  • Bump SharpCompress from 0.28.3 to 0.29.0 in /osu.Game by @dependabot in #14815
  • Improvements to difficulty calculation CI runs by @peppy in #14819
  • Disable FtB pass for particle spewer by @smoogipoo in #14821
  • Fix cursor particles not spawned during kiai by @smoogipoo in #14822
  • Fix osu!taiko hidden mod metrics not matching expectations by @smoogipoo in #14778
  • Fix KeyCounterDisplay potentially getting stuck invisible due to autosize masking by @peppy in #14814
  • Add rectangular snap grid to osu! editor composer by @bdach in #14805
  • Remove speed caps in osu! difficulty calculation by @apollo-dw in #14617
  • Fix DialogOverlay potentially not expiring dialogs as soon as it should by @peppy in #14836
  • Update framework by @peppy in #14841
  • Fix text overflowing on dropdown headers by @Joehuu in #14848
  • Reduce allocations during beatmap conversion process by @peppy in #14812
  • Add test coverage for timeline selection logic by @bdach in #14852
  • Add support for range selection to editor timeline by @bdach in #14853
  • Rewrite blueprint sorting logic to be more robust by @bdach in #14851
  • Move database connection string operations local by @peppy in #14859

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