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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.916.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix typo in changelog supporter promo by @ewyn72 in #14667
  • Improve multiplayer lounge listing performance by @peppy in #14682
  • Specify minimum windows version in readme by @Joehuu in #14690
  • Fix volume meter not being highlighted when hovering before show by @Joehuu in #14686
  • Fix benchmark project issues by @peppy in #14692
  • Allow customizing link style in a derived class of LinkFlowContainer by @ekrctb in #14677
  • Cache reflection portion of SettingSource lookups by @peppy in #14674
  • Avoid unnecessary mod settings copy attempt (when no settings exist to copy) by @peppy in #14695
  • Fix incorrect keyboard navigation order in score panel list by @bdach in #14666
  • Add new methods to ruleset for quicker mod lookups by @peppy in #14696
  • Use a decoupled clock for triangles intro to avoid startup freezes on broken audio device by @peppy in #14683
  • Fix beatmap listing overlay not hiding via keyboard control when scrolled by @peppy in #14698
  • Fix supporter promo background colour by @gagahpangeran in #14703
  • Add featured artist markers to beatmap listing and overlay by @ekrctb in #14675
  • Update LeaderboardModSelector to avoid creating mod instances by @peppy in #14704
  • Fix triangles intro attempting to restart track after it is disposed by @peppy in #14708
  • Allow popovers to be closed via back button press by @peppy in #14699
  • Improve content transitions in beatmap listing by @bdach in #14717
  • Fix mania notes not updating colour coding correctly by @bdach in #14725
  • Add "samples match playback rate" setting to setup screen by @bdach in #14724
  • Add /chat command by @rednir in #14637
  • Integrate EditorLoader into EditorTestScene by @bdach in #14723
  • Add sound for multiplayer team swaps by @nekodex in #14676
  • Don't play hover/select sounds for UpdatableAvatar unless it's clickable by @nekodex in #14694
  • Add missing screen level mod application settings for some screens by @peppy in #14730
  • Fix dimmed checked nub artifact by @AbstractQbit in #14732
  • Make "Reset bindings" button wider to accommodate to localisations better by @Emil8250 in #14687
  • Fix icon orientation for horizontal bar hit error meter by @AbstractQbit in #14735
  • Make response to failed multiplayer password attempt friendlier by @sh0ckR6 in #14668
  • Implement total SR formula that better correlates with pp by @02Naitsirk in #13986
  • Preserve current time and clipboard contents when switching between difficulties by @bdach in #14737
  • Fix random/target mods not working in spectator by @smoogipoo in #14739
  • Fix match footer test scene not working in test browser by @smoogipoo in #14751
  • Fix mania hitobject tests by @smoogipoo in #14750
  • Fix incorrect beatmap count and SR range in multi lounge by @smoogipoo in #14741
  • Move (ruleset) settings to realm by @peppy in #14752
  • Add animation support for mania notes by @smoogipoo in #14740
  • Make IOsuScreen.AllowTrackAdjustments nullable by @AbstractQbit in #14743
  • Fix legacy approach circles accepting 0-alpha by @smoogipoo in #14765
  • Add localisation for Settings-KeyBindings-GlobalActions by @kj415j45 in #14763
  • Update framework with KeyBindings + TextBuilder changes by @smoogipoo in #14764
  • Update screen navigation tests in line with framework fixes by @peppy in #14733
  • Limit maximum triangles to avoid GL buffer overflow by @peppy in #14754

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