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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1225.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix "Random Skin" text not showing up correctly by @peppy in #16142
  • Fix rank graph showing for unranked users on profile overlay by @bdach in #16158
  • Require installing .NET 5 in README by @smoogipoo in #16163
  • Add better fix for intermittent multiplayer tests as a result of async room joins by @smoogipoo in #16165
  • Fix intermittent background screen test failures by @smoogipoo in #16164
  • Add wait step to TestScenePlaylistResultScreen explicitly for screen load by @peppy in #16166
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16172
  • Add better defined steps to TestLoseHostWhileReady ready button test by @peppy in #16169
  • Fix occasional failures in TestScenePlaySongSelect by @peppy in #16167
  • Remove decay factor in Flashlight skill by @MBmasher in #15728
  • Avoid blocking windows key usage when the osu! window is not active by @peppy in #16168
  • Fix potential wrong thread mutation in ColourHitErrorMeter by @peppy in #16187
  • Centralise all multiplayer button clicking test logic by @peppy in #16188
  • Fix intermittent failures on TestSceneBeatmapListingOverlay by @peppy in #16189
  • Implement "extra" beatmap card size by @bdach in #16012
  • Add logging of MultiplayerMatchSubScreen exiting from room loss by @peppy in #16192
  • Fix intermittent test failures on TestSceneResultsScreen due to long delay step by @peppy in #16194
  • Fix cumulative strain time calculation in Flashlight skill by @MBmasher in #15867
  • Fix lounge screen showing information sourced from wrong playlist item by @bdach in #16178
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16196
  • Rename beatmap card-related classes by @bdach in #16197
  • Split session statics reset method to prevent unloading seasonal backgrounds by @dekrain in #16181
  • Ensure CustomDataDirectoryTest methods use a fresh directory to avoid IO errors by @peppy in #16199
  • Fix online lookup caches potentially getting stuck by @bdach in #16200
  • Improve contrast of timeline blueprint foreground content for pastel combo colours by @bdach in #16201
  • Fix delete button showing on current item before beatmap retrieval by @smoogipoo in #16198
  • Fix multiplayer test failures when checking for parted room by @smoogipoo in #16205
  • Fix ImportCollectionsTest.TestSaveAndReload not cleaning up before run by @peppy in #16206
  • Fix potential errors thrown during beatmap leaderboard display due to incorrect beatmap reference by @peppy in #16212
  • Slightly refactor difficulty and pp calculators by @stanriders in #16135
  • Fix placeholder drawables on beatmap listing not always showing correctly by @bdach in #16214
  • Tidy up WorkingBeatmap by @peppy in #16213
  • Fix potential crash from cross-thread drawable mutation in collection management by @peppy in #16217
  • Adjust testing methodology to improve reliability of mosue wheel volume adjust tests by @peppy in #16218
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16223
  • Allow dragging multiple slider path control points at once by @bdach in #16184
  • Fix TestMultiplayerClient referencing the wrong playlist by @smoogipoo in #16224
  • Fix ruleset config cache potentially not working correctly in test contexts by @bdach in #16231
  • Add card size switcher to beatmap listing overlay by @bdach in #16232
  • Fix incorrect delegate capture leading to slow leak of audio tracks by @peppy in #16238
  • Fix some more test directory usage weirdness by @peppy in #16239
  • Improve reliability of exiting gameplay in multiplayer by @smoogipoo in #16237
  • Fix OsuAnimatedButton animating when initially disabled by @smoogipoo in #16234
  • Update OsuGameActivity and manifest in line with framework changes by @Susko3 in #16240

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