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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1218.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Clean up various issues surrounding ScoreInfo in preparation for realm migration by @peppy in #16025
  • Fix editor not resetting mods when entering by @peppy in #16029
  • Fix results sometimes showing incorrect score position by @smoogipoo in #16061
  • Display game version overlay behind the overlays layer by @frenzibyte in #16065
  • Refactor KeyBindingStore to clean up any excess bindings for individual actions by @peppy in #16069
  • Move test ScoreInfo creation to TestResources by @peppy in #16070
  • Increase score submission timeout by @smoogipoo in #16062
  • Rework multiplayer's current item tracking by @smoogipoo in #16045
  • Fix incorrect storyboard life time start with looping commands by @smoogipoo in #16080
  • Fix BackgroundScreenDefault incorrectly updating current background after being inactive by @peppy in #16081
  • Improve appearance of player-wide background after failing with low background dim by @peppy in #16068
  • Check word boundaries during username mention matching by @tbrose in #15967
  • Fix OnlinePlayBeatmapAvailabilityTracker failng after modified reimport of existing beatmap by @peppy in #16083
  • Eliminate iterations with no effect from rhythm bonus calculation by @rumoi in #16072
  • Fix exception when updating the room's visual playlist by @smoogipoo in #16095
  • Fix SettingsNumberBox accepting non-number characters by @Susko3 in #15990
  • Add AbortGameplay() to fix state transition race conditions during multiplayer load by @smoogipoo in #16075
  • Don't reset spectating state if spectator exited after gameplay finishes by @smoogipoo in #16097
  • Fix the taiko scroller bar appearing during cinema mod by @MyDogsEd in #16091
  • Fix beatmap card potentially collapsing when it shouldn't by @peppy in #16094
  • Update a few more public facing usages of "lazer" by @peppy in #16106
  • Fix toast popups spamming samples when adjusting osu!mania scroll speed during gameplay by @peppy in #16090
  • Don't show multiplayer channels in chat overlay by @smoogipoo in #16109
  • Avoid applying mouse down effects to menu cursor when it isn't visible by @peppy in #16116
  • Fix autopilot not working as expected on touch devices by @peppy in #16030
  • Fix date tooltips potentially displaying in UTC time by @idodin in #16108
  • Fix crash on accessing settings after moving game folder by @peppy in #16077
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16127
  • Test hyperdash generation in catch conversion tests by @smoogipoo in #16111
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16128

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