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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1211.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

We welcome iOS testflight users back to the mix.

What's Changed

  • Add difficulty dropdown to beatmap card by @bdach in #15948
  • Load playlist panels on demand to reduce initial load time when joining a room by @peppy in #15879
  • Make speed skill consider only the shortest movement distance by @GoldenMine0502 in #15758
  • Scale card when expanding to better distinguish hovered card from other cards in listing by @peppy in #15978
  • Fix editor crashing if paste is performed while composer is loading by @bdach in #15989
  • Fix test failures in team versus test by @bdach in #15988
  • Fix LegacyComboCounter not handling non-default anchor/origin specifications correctly by @peppy in #16000
  • Fix the local user's rank not showing on multiplayer/playlist results screen by @peppy in #16001
  • Disable minimum frame durations on osu! for iOS by @frenzibyte in #15992
  • Add sounds for IME composition by @Susko3 in #16005
  • Add IsManaged helper method to EF classes to match realm implementation by @peppy in #15682
  • Cleanup DrawableRoomPlaylist and DrawableRoomPlaylistItem by @smoogipoo in #16009
  • Refactor OsuDifficultyHitObject for readability/understandability by @smoogipoo in #15774
  • Implement multiplayer playlist item removal by @smoogipoo in #16010
  • Fix incorrect test namespace by @smoogipoo in #16022
  • Fix the unmute notification potentially overwriting user's volume levels unnecessarily by @peppy in #15999
  • Cleanup duplicated classes in DrawableRoomPlaylistItem by @smoogipoo in #16019
  • Add the ability to create playlists of 2 weeks ~ 3 months in duration by @peppy in #16024
  • Fix potential crash due to children being mutated after disposal by @peppy in #16017
  • Add support for enqueueing items in host-only mode, and changing arbitrary playlist items by @smoogipoo in #16020
  • Add update thread asserts to RoomManager methods by @peppy in #16027
  • Update framework by @peppy in #16028

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