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8 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1206.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Add IRulesetStore to allow for transitional usage in upcoming manager classes by @peppy in #15919
  • Fix lazer replays not importing correctly on some locales by @bdach in #15934
  • Don't debounce MultiplayerRoomComposite events by @peppy in #15936
  • Fix BeatSyncedContainer using wrong EffectControlPoint when early activating by @ColdVolcano in #15941
  • Reword xmldoc of MultiplayerPlaylistItem.PlaylistOrder to better match actual behaviour by @peppy in #15949
  • Update test multiplayer client to match server implementation by @smoogipoo in #15929
  • Ensure user is returned to the RoomSubScreen before gameplay is started by @peppy in #15950
  • Use realm for skins by @peppy in #15859
  • Optimise skin filename lookups post realm migration by @peppy in #15883
  • Fix intermittent test failures in scenes using SpectatorClient by @peppy in #15951
  • Serialise and deserialise SkinInfo.InstantiationInfo to allow for more correct imports by @peppy in #15898
  • Update framework by @peppy in #15952

Full Changelog: 2021.1204.0...2021.1206.0

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