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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1202.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Clean up beatmap panel classes after replacement with card design by @bdach in #15840
  • Fix instances of components adding off-thread transforms on unbind by @bdach in #15835
  • Fix realm migration failures when upgrading from old versions by @bdach in #15846
  • Add "linear" animation style to "approach different" mod by @mk56-spn in #15798
  • Migrate custom tournament client assets to uppercased directories by @bdach in #15847
  • Fix undelete on existing model not committing transaction by @peppy in #15852
  • Fix RealmLive not working if data is attached to realm post-ToLive call by @peppy in #15855
  • Apply a couple of realm related documentation/interface changes by @peppy in #15850
  • Remove computeHashFast usage in RealmArchiveModelImporter.ComputeHash by @peppy in #15857
  • Remove the ability to specify a filename in ReplaceFile by @peppy in #15856
  • Implement beatmap card difficulty list by @bdach in #15864
  • Fix intermittent test failures in TestSceneBeatmapInfoWedge due to async load by @peppy in #15871
  • Fix chat tab dropdown not being reachable at default sizing by @peppy in #15872
  • Fix main thread realm not being refreshed by @peppy in #15873
  • Fix potential deadlock on nested context creation requests by @peppy in #15853
  • Apply fixes to RealmLive<T> to more correctly support querying data within PerformRead by @peppy in #15851
  • Log output API request response sizes by @peppy in #15877
  • Bring back iOS build-only CI by @frenzibyte in #15880
  • Fix double screen exit in multiplayer song select tests potentially causing failure by @peppy in #15882
  • Fix toast display potentially causing a child mutation before load complete by @peppy in #15881
  • Fix match type not being propagated correctly to other users' settings by @peppy in #15875
  • Refactor difficulty adjustment mod combinations test by @smoogipoo in #15868
  • Cache beatmap metadata lookups used by multiplayer by @peppy in #15878
  • Add extension methods to add extra safety to realm subscriptions by @peppy in #15885
  • Fix testable online IDs starting at 0 by @smoogipoo in #15889
  • Combine similarly named StatefulMultiplayerClient tests by @peppy in #15894

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