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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1127.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix queue mode dropdown not updated on change by @smoogipoo in #15733
  • Use Equals in carousel tests for better realm compatibility by @peppy in #15737
  • Store preferred ruleset to configuration using ShortName instead of ID by @peppy in #15738
  • Fix realm applying migrations from one version too early by @peppy in #15739
  • Use Ruleset's ShortName for mod caching purposes by @peppy in #15736
  • Remove subclassing of RulesetInfo by @peppy in #15735
  • Add helper property to access a realm beatmap's beatmap file by @peppy in #15734
  • Rename Debug namespace to avoid collisions by @peppy in #15752
  • Remove usage of Nuget.Packaging extension methods for IList.AddRange by @peppy in #15756
  • Restructure how the headless storage is used / documented to hopefully make more sense by @peppy in #15753
  • Fix crashes on trying to play back replays of seeded mods with seed value over 1 billion by @bdach in #15745
  • Fix tournament tests potentially using data left over from previous runs by @peppy in #15754
  • Switch realm ruleset configuration to use ruleset's ShortName as key by @peppy in #15740
  • Fix several intermittent multiplayer test failures by @smoogipoo in #15757
  • Remove nullability of Ruleset.CreateInstance by @peppy in #15768
  • Update cases where equality can be used instead of primary key equality by @peppy in #15769
  • Fix incorrect usage of ID in TestSceneMultiplayerResults by @peppy in #15770
  • Switch realm ruleset key bindings to use ruleset's ShortName as key by @peppy in #15741
  • Update framework by @peppy in #15775
  • Update RulesetConfigCache to cache via ShortName instead of ID by @peppy in #15771
  • Revert "Run nunit in blame mode" by @smoogipoo in #15777
  • Move realm data migrations inside the RealmContextFactory by @peppy in #15760
  • Initialise BeatmapSet.Beatmaps list at construction time by @peppy in #15772
  • Make BeatmapSet.Metadata non-null by @peppy in #15776
  • Update usages of RulesetInfo.ID to use OnlineID instead by @peppy in #15778
  • Apply some various code quality fixes that don't fit elsewhere by @peppy in #15779
  • Combine all test data BeatmapSetInfo creation into a single method by @peppy in #15780
  • Rename BeatmapSetOnlineStatus to BeatmapOnlineStatus by @peppy in #15781
  • Close a failed update notification immediately by @peppy in #15783
  • Add online status to RealmBeatmapSet by @peppy in #15782
  • Initialise IHasFiles<TFile>.Files lists at construction time by @peppy in #15773
  • Fix multiplayer starting with own latest picked playlist item rather than the current playlist item by @smoogipoo in #15784
  • Add preview track playback function to beatmap card by @bdach in #15767
  • Add automatic clean-up call for RealmFileStore by @peppy in #15789
  • Reduce interface exposure of ScoreManager by @peppy in #15790
  • Split out SkinModelManager from SkinManager by @peppy in #15791
  • Fix occasional test failure due to default value oversight in TestSceneBeatmapCarousel by @peppy in #15793
  • Move stable import handling out of IModelManager<T> into its own class by @peppy in #15792
  • Remove pointless interface class for IBeatmapModelManager by @peppy in #15797
  • Split out legacy model export logic into LegacyModelExporter classes by @peppy in #15794
  • Split out download logic from main manager classes by @peppy in #15795
  • Fix intermittent beatmap thumbnail test by @smoogipoo in #15800
  • Fix SongSelect-related test failures by @smoogipoo in #15799
  • Fix incorrect ConfigureAwait specification causing test stalls by @peppy in #15810
  • Add equality support to ILive types by @peppy in #15811
  • Replace existing usages of beatmap panel with new beatmap card by @bdach in #15807
  • Avoid attempting to fetch a non-managed RealmLive instance from the realm backing by @peppy in #15812
  • Show a spinner instead of the download button on the new card during beatmap download by @peppy in #15813
  • Rename mass deletion confirmation dialog by @peppy in #15817
  • Fix potential crashes when playing preview tracks in single thread mode by @peppy in #15821
  • Fix incorrect logging of preview tracks without track owner by @peppy in #15820
  • Add owner avatar to multiplayer playlist items by @smoogipoo in #15801
  • Update framework by @peppy in #15828

Full Changelog: 2021.1122.0...2021.1127.0

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