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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1120.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Update difficulty colour spectrum by @FamousPig in #15597
  • Fix settings header localised text potentially overflowing out of the settings panel by @Game4all in #15559
  • Improve transition between editor and gameplay test screens by @bdach in #15607
  • Allow adjusting slider velocities of multiple objects at once by @bdach in #15601
  • Fix frequency ramping a second time incorrectly after fail animation by @peppy in #15614
  • Transfer beatmap track time between editor and gameplay test screens by @bdach in #15609
  • Allow adjusting sample volume & bank of multiple objects at once by @bdach in #15608
  • Expose more of WorkingBeatmap via interface by @peppy in #15631
  • Add IBeatmapInfo/IBeatmapSetInfo equality support and update BeatmapCollection to use interface types by @peppy in #15594
  • Add update manager which performs no update action by @peppy in #15642
  • Update PlaylistItem to use IRulesetInfo by @peppy in #15627
  • Fix TestSceneBeatmapRecommendations testing with an online ID of 0 by @peppy in #15630
  • Update DifficultyCalculator to take an IRulesetInfo and IWorkingBeatmap by @peppy in #15632
  • Fix song select leaderboard potentially displaying outdated or incorrect content by @peppy in #15649
  • Fix StandAloneChatDisplay's TextBox having different corner radius by @peppy in #15650
  • Add difficulty attribute formatting by @smoogipoo in #15633
  • Disable cancelling of update via notification by @peppy in #15655
  • Update all simple cases of switching to IWorkingBeatmap by @peppy in #15634
  • Highlight invalid playlist items during room creation by @peppy in #15648
  • Expose LegacyScoreDecoder.PopulateAccuracy() by @smoogipoo in #15657
  • Link osu!supporter icon to its web page by @Joehuu in #15664
  • Update KeyBindingContainer usage to block key repeat where applicable by @peppy in #15668
  • Fix score panels sometimes jumping when toggling statistics fast by @Joehuu in #15670
  • Add support for cancellation tokens for beatmap difficulty calculation by @Tollii in #15494
  • Fix banana showers not clearing the plate when missing the last banana by @Darius-Wattimena in #15624
  • Fix potential null reference in FadeAccessibleBackground test class by @peppy in #15678
  • Run nunit in blame mode by @smoogipoo in #15680
  • Only show user displayable portion of server errors when selecting a song in multiplayer by @peppy in #15677
  • Show better error message when selecting an unavailable beatmap during multiplayer room creation by @peppy in #15676
  • Update all dependencies by @peppy in #15687

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