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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1113.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Reset combo different way in NoScope mod tests (osu! ruleset) by @Semro in #15556
  • Add a catch specific beatmap spinner gap check by @Darius-Wattimena in #15547
  • Replace usage of TypeNameHandling.All with custom type converter by @peppy in #15567
  • Fix being able to switch own team by clicking other players' team indicators by @bdach in #15571
  • Gracefully handle missing type rather than triggering ArgumentNullException by @peppy in #15569
  • Fix Android builds failing due to Xamarin-side regression by @bdach in #15573
  • Rename EF properties to match underlying interface by @peppy in #15572
  • Fix unstable rate counter not including judgements before show in calculations by @bdach in #15576
  • Fix PP counter not updating until next judgement when shown for the first time by @bdach in #15579
  • Add slider-to-stream conversion operation to osu! editor by @bdach in #15583
  • Add method of testing gameplay from editor by @bdach in #15582
  • Use fixed width font for performance points counter by @peppy in #15587
  • Add fallback case for GetDisplayString if called on a null reference by @peppy in #15589
  • Fix failed imports being incorrectly considered as successfully importing for notification purposes by @peppy in #15590
  • Nerf dropped sliders in osu! difficulty calculation by @apollo-dw in #15564
  • Rename OnlineID storage to match interface by @peppy in #15595
  • Audio feedback improvements for song select by @nekodex in #15555
  • Fix android score imports not working by @peppy in #15591

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