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9 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1108.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix labelled drawable descriptions not showing by @bdach in #15478
  • Fix scaling of skin components being too sensitive after rotation by @jaswon in #15479
  • Remove IOnlineInfo implementations from database models by @peppy in #15459
  • Remove all remaining calls to ToBeatmapInfo/ToBeatmapSetInfo by @peppy in #15463
  • Allow downloads via interface types (and remove IModelManager:IModelImporter) by @peppy in #15489
  • Update usages of BufferedContainer in line with framework changes by @peppy in #15488
  • Fix more occurring "possible null reference exception" inspections by @frenzibyte in #15480
  • Remove obsolete method in ModAutoplay by @frenzibyte in #15512
  • osu! Difficulty Aim Overhaul: slider change by @Xexxar in #14846
  • Add sanity check in Relax's effectiveMissCount calculation by @Wieku in #15507
  • osu! Difficulty Aim Overhaul: velocity change by @Xexxar in #14847
  • osu! Difficulty Aim Overhaul: PP Calc Changes by @Xexxar in #15227
  • Rename User to APIUser and move to correct namespace by @peppy in #15505
  • Change currentStrain to 0 for standard mode skills by @Wieku in #15514
  • Fix loading spinner potentially showing on statistics unavailable message by @Joehuu in #15515
  • Clean up User class by @peppy in #15466
  • Support open profile overlay from username in more places by @peppy in #15487
  • Add statistics display to beatmap card by @bdach in #15513
  • Fix LinkFlowContainer not creating user links supporting full IUser specification by @peppy in #15517
  • Revert weird event flow in model manager/importers by @peppy in #15491
  • Start initialising RealmRulesetStore on startup by @peppy in #15519
  • Update usages of KeyCombination.ReadableString() to use ReadableKeyCombinationProvider by @Susko3 in #15518
  • Add favourite button to beatmap card by @bdach in #15520
  • Fix taiko beatmap scroll speed increasing after every save in editor by @bdach in #15522
  • Move HoverClickSounds to cover only the clickable button in KeyBindingRow by @Susko3 in #15526

Full Changelog: 2021.1105.0...2021.1108.0

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