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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1028.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix score created in player not populating ruleset ID by @bdach in #15130
  • Hide mods when spectating or beatmap isn't locally available by @5ln in #15159
  • Approximate amount of effective misses using combo by @stanriders in #15086
  • Disable new null check inspections which we won't be using by @peppy in #15174
  • Fix epilepsy warning not being faded out on an early exit during gameplay load by @peppy in #15173
  • Don't flash screen red on fail if the user has disabled red tinting by @peppy in #15175
  • Fix ruleset template player tests failing due to null ruleset ID by @bdach in #15183
  • Change OnlineID to non-nullable to allow for indexing in Realm by @peppy in #15176
  • Comment out unused RankDisplay by @sh0ckR6 in #15186
  • Fix realm migration potentially failing from older releases by @peppy in #15189
  • Update appearance of setting default value indicator by @bdach in #15164
  • Use different colours for selection and hover in dropdowns by @bdach in #15197
  • Localise toasts by @Joehuu in #15036
  • Implement realm beatmap importer by @peppy in #15120
  • Fix and improve TestSceneUserProfilePreviousUsernames by @EVAST9919 in #15202
  • Use colour provider theming in text boxes by @bdach in #15212
  • Remove APIPlaylistBeatmap subclass by @peppy in #15221
  • Move online beatmap set info to interface by @peppy in #15222
  • Implement IBeatmapInfo/IBeatmapSetInfo from API beatmap types by @peppy in #15223
  • Fix incorrect length mapping in APIBeatmap by @peppy in #15239
  • Remove unnecessary setters from IBeatmapSetOnlineInfo interface by @peppy in #15243
  • Fix low-pass filter continuing to take effect after fail animation has already ended by @peppy in #15242
  • Remove BeatmapMetadata base class from API classes by @peppy in #15224
  • Remove unused BeatmapTypeInfo class by @peppy in #15246
  • Refactor BeatmapMetadataContainer and usages to use interface types by @peppy in #15247
  • Fix focus returning to the lounge search textbox while password is being checked by @peppy in #15190
  • Fix a missed toast shortcut string not localising correctly by @Joehuu in #15253
  • Fix a couple of new layout inspections introduced in Rider 2021.3 EAP5 by @peppy in #15269
  • Add build-only CI jobs for mobile platforms by @bdach in #15273
  • Fix BeatmapSetInfo's Status value being marked as non-databased by @peppy in #15282
  • Fix incorrect length when calling APIBeatmap.ToBeatmapInfo by @peppy in #15290
  • Fix tournament client silently failing on error during parsing by @peppy in #15288
  • Update beatmap set status pill appearance in line with new designs by @bdach in #15276
  • Allow API beatmap requests using interface type by @peppy in #15287
  • Update PreviewTrackManager to use IBeatmapSetInfo by @peppy in #15286
  • Move online metrics out of databased models by @peppy in #15285
  • Fix gameplay chat display not losing focus on escape key press by @peppy in #15302
  • Add ability to make test APIBeatmapSets from test scenes by @peppy in #15283
  • Update usages of OpenInNativeExplorer to use PresentFileExternally / PresentExternally by @Susko3 in #15156
  • Fix slider shape not always being maintained when reversing by @jaswon in #15301
  • Fix editor crash when attempting to change sample/velocity from timeline on new beatmap by @peppy in #15304
  • Fix slider paths being extended even when the last two points are equal by @peppy in #15303
  • Add distance snapping to osu!catch editor by @ekrctb in #15289
  • Update resources by @peppy in #15311
  • Add setting to osu! hidden mod to only fade approach circles by @Flux3on in #15284
  • Add difficulty spectrum display for use in new card design by @bdach in #15313
  • Show cursor during breaks and spinners in no scope mod by @jaswon in #15252
  • Use explicit constants for catcher dashing and walking speeds by @ekrctb in #15308
  • Update var usage inspections to disallow for built-in types by @peppy in #15315
  • Allow setting of APIBeatmap.Length (and don't serialise twice) by @peppy in #15318
  • Show remaining attempts again on playlist screen by @peppy in #15307

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