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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2021.1016.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Improve performance of OsuGameTestScene based tests by @peppy in #14989
  • Remove local overridden storage of Mods in Player by @peppy in #14988
  • Change TestSceneOsuGame to use OsuGameTestScene to avoid async disposal deadlock by @peppy in #14990
  • Copy BaseDifficulty to Beatmap<T> and move the majority of write operations across by @peppy in #14980
  • Add a dynamic audio Filter effect component and use it with DialogOverlay popups by @nekodex in #14892
  • Allow intro screens to be created without loading a MainMenu by @peppy in #14991
  • Add dynamic filter effect to more places by @nekodex in #14992
  • Move low pass fail effect to FailAnimation by @peppy in #14997
  • Fix weird textbox behaviour when entering a random mod seed overflowing int backing by @peppy in #14998
  • Implement Relax difficulty calculation in osu! by @apollo-dw in #14942
  • Fix usages of SettingsTextBox having null as the default by @Susko3 in #14935
  • Implement Blinds performance calculation in osu! by @apollo-dw in #14921
  • Fix instances of "multiplier" misspellings by @bdach in #15015
  • Update settings sidebar colour scheme and general appearance by @bdach in #15020
  • Change initial strain value in skills from 1 to 0 by @joseph-ireland in #15014
  • osu! Rhythm Complexity SR & PP Rework by @Xexxar in #14395
  • Remove int casts in difficulty calculation by @stanriders in #15008
  • Use comma separator for tournament score displays by @peppy in #15021
  • Fix intermittent playlist results screen test failures by @smoogipoo in #14999
  • Fix two different skins displaying at the same time when rapidly switching by @peppy in #15045
  • Fix a couple of code quality issues with new manager interface usage by @peppy in #15039
  • Update appearance of buttons in settings sidebar by @bdach in #15049
  • Handle changelog link to open changelog overlay by @gagahpangeran in #15052
  • Remove drop shadow from RoundedButton by @peppy in #15053
  • Split out editor save steps to try and catch test failure by @peppy in #15057
  • Ensure FailAnimation is disposed synchronously to avoid test failures by @peppy in #15038
  • Fix BeatmapConverter not cloning deeply enough by @peppy in #15055
  • Update realm tests to run inside a GameHost to allow running on update thread by @peppy in #15040
  • Fix cross-thread list manipulation in SkinProvidingContainer by @peppy in #15050
  • Initial settings usability pass by @peppy in #15054
  • Fix intermittent TestScenePlaySongSelect test failures by @smoogipoo in #15059
  • Fix key counter overlay not rewinding count fully by @bdach in #15048
  • Fix import notifications not appearing when importing a file on startup by @peppy in #15072
  • Add realm FileStore by @peppy in #15041
  • Fix storyboard outro during fail test not being lenient enough by @peppy in #15074
  • Add realm Live<T> implementation by @peppy in #15042
  • Improve PlayerLoader audio and visual transitions by @peppy in #15073
  • Attempt to fix spinner rewinding tests by @smoogipoo in #15076
  • Make CFS output as errors and fail the job by @smoogipoo in #15078
  • Fix another spinner test failure by @smoogipoo in #15079
  • Remove stored position from room model by @smoogipoo in #15080
  • Fix GameHosts being run on TPL threads by @smoogipoo in #15056
  • Add various file sanity checks by @Naxesss in #13871
  • Fix AudioFilter test not stopping track on forced exit by @peppy in #15093
  • Refresh dropdown appearance & add themed variant to settings sidebar by @bdach in #15070
  • Fix multiplayer gameplay flow test scene failures due to button not being ready by @peppy in #15096
  • Fix gameplay audio ramping down in frequency a second time at the end of the fail sequence by @peppy in #15097
  • Move DifficultyControlPoints to be specified at a per-HitObject level by @peppy in #14619
  • Fix incorrect usages of Scheduler.AddOnce by @peppy in #15101
  • Fix multiplayer components updating when not alive by @peppy in #15100
  • List only failed suites/tests by @smoogipoo in #15108
  • Refresh appearance and use colour provider theming in sliders and checkboxes by @bdach in #15112
  • Fix startup import test waiting on potentially incorrect notification type by @peppy in #15114
  • Change RoundedButton to source from overlay colour provider by @peppy in #15113
  • Fix intermittent multiplayer tests by @smoogipoo in #15107
  • Add "no scope" mod for osu by @jaswon in #15111
  • Make realm a non-drawable component to better order disposal by @peppy in #15116
  • Add realm RulesetStore by @peppy in #15043
  • Update one missed instance of PresentImport by @peppy in #15117
  • Fix changing osu!mania scroll speed causing game-wide lag by @peppy in #15115
  • Use actual BeatmapInfo rather than PlayableBeatmap.BeatmapInfo for editor writes by @peppy in #15075
  • Add high-pass filter to gameplay fail sequence by @nekodex in #15121
  • Add ability to view and adjust velocity and samples from the timeline by @peppy in #14742
  • Fix instant spinners giving insane amounts of strain by @stanriders in #15009
  • Add new fail animation to better match new sound effects by @peppy in #15122

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