github ppoffice/hexo-theme-icarus 3.0.0-rc

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pre-release4 years ago

Breaking Changes

  • Completely rewrite layouts using JSX and Inferno.js
  • Reimplement configuration specification in JSON Schema, rewrite configuration validation and generation functions
  • Rewrite stylesheets and JavaScript scripts
  • Several configuration name and structure changes
  • Rename static image file folder from source/images to source/img
  • Remove the tag_cloud widget
  • Lots of the layouts, schemas, utility functions, and Hexo extensions have been moved to ppoffice/hexo-component-inferno

New Features

  • Add a new theme variant: Cyberpunk
  • Add support for layout-specific configurations: and
  • Introduce a new mechanism for migrating configurations to the latest version
  • Add Utterances comment plugin #625
  • Add Disqus.js comment plugin
  • Add Buy Me A Coffee donation button
  • Add CNZZ analytics support #584
  • Add Algolia search plugin #337
  • Add Google AdSense widget #451
  • Add KaTeX math renderer
  • Add structured data support #207
  • Add German translation #586
  • Add command-line flags to allow skip the configuration checking: --icarus-dont-generate-config, --icarus-dont-upgrade-config, --icarus-dont-check-config


  • Speed up page generation and reduce memory footprint (use export NODE_ENV=production)
  • Code blocks now can be folded individually #576
  • Improved package dependency checking with version number checking
  • Load Valine comment plugin from CDN #574
  • Keyword highlight in Insight search plugin #418
  • A ton of bug fixes

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