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5 years ago


New Features

  • Theme configuration file (_config.yml) will be checked and validated on Hexo startup by the all-new configuration validator and configuration specifications. A default configuration file will be generated if none is detected. Additional, combined with new helper functions for retrieving configuration values, the validator can reduce the risks of crashing the rendering process caused by misconfiguration;
  • A flexible widget layout and configuration system has been added to Icarus to give users more freedom for placing widgets. This also makes it very easy to switch between single, double, and triple-column page layouts;
  • Users now can override global theme configurations on a specific page by setting the configurations in the front-matter of the post/page;
  • The new CDN provider settings provides several CDN choices for importing third-party libraries. If properly used, the page loading process will be largely speed up. Icarus also allows users to choose other CDNs by providing a format string;
  • Several additional plugins are introduced, including page-loaded animations, outdated browser detection, several share plugins, etc.


  • Icarus is redesigned from ground up. The layout is constructed using powerful CSS flexbox and the website now adopts brand-new element styles;
  • Local third-party libraries are replaced with their online CDN version to achieve better maintainability and smaller code size;
  • Icarus now follows a uniformed URL scheme with the url_for helper function;
  • Like the social links in the profile widget, navbar and footer can also have icon links now.

Changed or Removed Features

  • _source folder is removed and you don't have to create categories and tags pages anymore. Those pages will be generated automatically by the custom Hexo generators;
  • Profile card has been rewritten as a standalone widget. Its configuration is also moved to the widget section. Meanwhile, the support for fixed profile card is removed;
  • Comment counters are removed from the index page. Duoshuo and Youyan comment plugins are removed as their service providers shut them down;
  • Support for swiftype search is removed;
  • Default and JiaThis share plugins are removed. The latter one is removed because its service has been shut down by its service provider;
  • Table of contents (ToC) is now a standalone sidebar widget.

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