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6 years ago

Changes since 3.0.0-beta

Breaking Changes

  • Don't exit on CssSyntaxError in watch mode. v2 behaved this way, but v3.0.0-beta didn't.
  • Error out if from or to options are set in the config file. Use command line arguments instead.

New Features

  • Add --poll option. v2 had this, however, this new implementation removes the capability to set the interval, which was supported in v2.


  • Set from option for correct sourcemaps
  • Fix --watch's glob handling
  • Fix error handling

Changes since v2.6.0

Breaking Changes

  • Uses for config files. Dropped support for the v2 config file format.
  • Can't set input files in config file; pass input files on the command line instead.
  • --use accepts a list of plugins. This may cause issues if you have your list of css files at the end of your command.
  • Can't pass options to plugins via --plugin.key=value anymore, use a config file.
  • Changed usage of the --map option; use --map for external sourcemaps, --no-map to disable all maps. Inline sourcemaps are default.
  • Removed --log flag; this behavior is now default.
  • Removed the --local-plugins flag; same result can be achieved with postcss.config.js.
  • Removed the global watchCSS handler, plugins that import/rely on other files should use a dependency message instead.
  • Changed behavior of the --poll option; no longer accepts an integer interval.

New Features

  • --ext (-x) option allows you to set the file extensions for your output files when using --dir.
  • --env allows you to set NODE_ENV in a cross-platform manner.

Migration guide for upgrading from v2:

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