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Release 2.5.0


Known issues

Unable to deploy stack templates (Standalone / Swarm endpoints)

We've identified an issue where users cannot deploy stack templates, either on Docker standalone and Swarm endpoints, and we've referenced it here:
If you're relying on the stack template deployment feature, we recommend you to not upgrade to this version of Portainer yet.

We'll release a CE 2.5.1 patch version including a fix for this issue shortly. registries

When using a registry and pulling an image, the autocompletion will incorrectly add the username to the image name. As a workaround, simply delete the username from what the autocompletion gives you to be able to pull the image.

Breaking change

This new version introduce breaking changes to the Docker UAC system that are not backward compatible with previous versions of Portainer. Rolling back from this version to a previous will cause access control policies set on Docker resources to be reset to Administrators only. Consider this change before upgrading, and if needed, take a copy of the /data folder of Portainer before upgrading in case you want to rollback to a previous version.

Note that you will now be able to backup Portainer using this process for future upgrades:











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