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Release 2.18.3

5 days ago


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Overview of changes

New Portainer CE 2.18.3 release


  • Restored options and wording in the Kubernetes Advanced deployment screen's Automatic updates section, following regression from changes in 2.17. (#8950)


  • Fixed issue preventing configuration of Portainer authentication settings with an alternative mTLS certificate


  • Fixed issue preventing LDAP server from creating a connection when using TLS 1.2. (#8980)
  • Implemented minor UI changes to clarify existing experimental and beta features, ensuring accurate icon and wording display. (#8951)
  • Corrected an issue causing the polling indicator to float incorrectly in UI when pulling Git repo list on the stack creation page. (#8982)
  • Resolved syntax styling display issue in web editor. (#8984)
  • Improved button color contrast in web editor. (#8985)
  • Fixed visual hierarchy in web editor selection behavior. (#8986)

REST API Changes

  • Corrected 'team' to 'teams' in Swagger API docs. (#8983)

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