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Release 1.24.1


This release focuses on security, with multiple fixes as well as the introduction of new administrative security settings.


  • Disable the ability to re-create/edit/duplicate a container, if related security setting is enabled: #4032
  • Add a setting to disable device mapping for non admin users: #3958
  • Prevent non-admin users from running containers with host namespace pid: #3936
  • Ensure users cannot create privileged containers via the API: #3931
  • Add a setting to disable the creation of stacks for non-admin users: #3930
  • Use TLS1.2 protocol when running Portainer with --ssl: #2359


  • Add the ability to update an expired license with a new valid license: #4080


  • Remove cookie usage to comply with upcoming sameSite change in FireFox: #3847
  • Change filters from cookies to local storage to avoid sending large requests: #3190


  • Fix table sort reverting to default setting: #3049

Registry Manager

  • Correctly hide empty GitLab repositories after deleting them via RM extension: #3760
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12 months ago