github pointfreeco/swift-snapshot-testing 1.5.0
Inline snapshots and more strategies

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3 years ago

What's new

  • @rjchatfield has introduced (#199) a brand new way of snapshotting textual information, called "inline snapshot testing," which automatically inlines snapshots directly in your test file. The 1.5.0 release includes a preview of this functionality! You can use the _assertInlineSnapshot helper to try it out. Thanks to @rjchatfield for the PR, and find out more here.

  • Two new URLRequest snapshot strategies have been included. First, @Sherlouk has included a curl snapshotting strategy (#203), which snapshots your prepared requests in the cURL format. Also we now have a snapshot strategy for capturing a URLRequest with its body pretty printed, when possible (#157). This helps make POST requests more easily inspectable in the reference file.

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