github pnbruckner/ha-sun2 3.3.0b1
Add services & new sensors

latest releases: 3.3.0b3, 3.3.0b2
pre-release29 days ago

Add sun2.get_location & sun2.update_location services. Also add new sunrise_azimuth & sunset_azimuth sensor options.

Together these allow dynamically updating location parameters, such as latitude, longitude and time zone, and/or parameters that define what affects sunrise & sunset events.

One use case might be for vacation. Let's say you add a config entry to get sun related info for a vacation location. You can use the services to update its location maybe once a day, or when you push a button in the UI, based on the current location indicated by a device tracker entity.

Another use case might be when, e.g., sunrise is based on a mountain, but the distance to, and the relative height of, the top of that mountain changes throughout the year as the sunrise azimuth changes.

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