github pixelfed/pixelfed v0.11.7

3 days ago

API Changes


  • Added store remote media on S3 config setting, disabled by default (51768083)
  • Added Autospam Advanced Detection (132a58de)


  • Update admin dashboard, fix search and dropdown menu (dac0d083)
  • Update sudo mode view, fix trusted device checkbox (8ef900bf)
  • Update SearchApiV2Service, improve postgres support (666e5732)
  • Update StoryController, show active self stories on home timeline (633351f6)
  • Update ApiV1Controller, fix trending accounts format. Closes #4356 (37bd2ee5)
  • Update instance config, enable config cache by default (970f77b0)
  • Update Admin Dashboard, allow admins to designate an admin account for the landing page and instance api endpoint (6ea2bdc7)
  • Update config, enable oauth by default (6a2e9e8f)
  • Update StatusService, fix missing account condition (f48daab3)
  • Update ProfileService, add softFail param (6bc20a37)
  • Update MediaTagService, fix ProfileService to soft fail on missing or deleted accounts (df444851)
  • Update LikeService, improve likedBy logic to soft fail on missing or deleted accounts (91ba1398)
  • Update StatusTransformers, fix ProfileService to soft fail on missing or deleted accounts (43d3aa2b)
  • Update ApiV1Controller, fix hashtag timeline (fc1a385c)
  • Update settings view, add fallback avatar (1a83c585)
  • Update HashtagFollow model, add MAX_LIMIT of 250 tags per account (ed352141)
  • Update Notification logic, remove message and rendered fields (6cdb5bc6)
  • Update InstanceService, fix banner blurhash memory bug (3aad75ab)
  • Update models, remove deprecated toText and toHtml method (ea943333)
  • Update Notification components, add autospam notification support (0d3b4bc2)
  • Update AutoSpam Bouncer, generate notification on positive detections (d5f63f8a)
  • Update admin autospam apis, remove autospam warning notifications when appropriate (588ca653)
  • Update StatusEntityLexer, stop saving entities (a91a5e48)
  • Update UserCreate command, fix is_admin flag (ad25ed67)
  • Update Bouncer, adjust advanced Autospam logic (18cddd43)
  • Update atom view, fix atom feed bug (63b72c42)
  • Update StatusController, disable post embeds from spam accounts (c167af43)
  • Update ProfileController, require login to view spam accounts, and disable profile embeds and atom feeds for spam accounts (dd2f5bb9)
  • Update Settings, allow users to disable atom feeds (3662d3de)
  • Update ApiV1Controller, filter muted/blocked accounts from tag timeline (f42c1140)
  • Update admin moderation logic, only re-add top level posts (c6ffda96)
  • Update admin dashboard, add mass account deletes (b8426cce)
  • Update scheduler, fix S3 media garbage collection not being executed when cloud storage is enabled via dashboard without .env/config being enabled (adb070f1)
  • Update MediaController, add fallback for local files that are later stored on S3 but still are referenced in cached objects remotely (4973cb46)
  • Update PublicTimelineService, improve warmCache query (9f901d65)
  • Update AP Inbox, fix delete handling (2800c888)
  • Update login/register views and captcha config, enable login or register captchas or both (c071c719)
  • Update login form, allow admins to enable captcha after X failed attempts. Admins can set the number of attempts before captcha is shown, default is 2 attempts before captcha is required (221ddce0)

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