github piraeusdatastore/piraeus-operator v2.1.1

latest release: v1.10.4
2 days ago

This release mostly updates images and fixes various small issues. One new feature is the addition of a separate migrations container that runs when the LINSTOR Controller starts. This enables the automatic creation of backups of the DB before running any migrations.


  • LINSTOR Controller deployment now runs DB migrations as a separate init container, creating
    a backup of current DB state if needed.
  • Apply global rate limit to LINSTOR API, defaulting to 100 qps.


  • Store LINSTOR Satellite logs on the host.
  • Updated images:
    • LINSTOR 1.23.0
    • LINSTOR CSI 1.1.0
    • DRBD Reactor 1.2.0
    • HA Controller 1.1.4
    • external CSI images upgraded to latest versions


  • Fixed a bug where LinstorSatellite resources would be not be cleaned up when the satellite is already gone.
  • Fixed a bug where the LINSTOR Controller would never report readiness when TLS is enabled.
  • Fixed order in which patches are applied. Always apply user patches last.

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