github pinterf/mvtools r2.7.1.22
mvtools2 x64/x86. Experimental 10-16 bit support for MDegrainX (20161020)
Test release with native 10-16 bit support for MDegrain filters

  • Some additional fixes for YV24
  • New: MDegrain4, MDegrain5
  • Experimental native 10-16 bit support (MSuper, MAnalyze, MDegrain1-5, MDegrainN)
    including 16 bit SATD (slow C) and SSE2 optimized regular SAD for 8+
    (for 10+ bits you need at least Avisynth+ r2290),
  • Inline assembly rewritten to intrinsics -> 64 bit build is possible in VS2015
  • (External assembly untouched)


Built with VS2015, this build is 3-8% slower than previous ICC build.
Don't use it if you stuck at YV12 or YUY2 clips and this speed loss makes you unhappy
latest releases: 2.7.45, 2.7.44, 2.7.43...
5 years ago