github pinterf/mvtools r2.7.0.22d
mvtools2 x64/x86. YV16,YV24 support, SATD back, Y8 input allowed

  • Some additional fixes for YV24
  • Allow greyscale input (Y8)
  • dct modes >= 5 now use SATD again (so far it was in dead code, contrary to remarks)
  • fftw 3.3.5 support (changed function names, 3.3.4 still OK), see
  • XP support again
  • compiled to SSE2 with optional SSE4.2 paths
  • (not new but don't forget: first search for libfftw3f-3.dll, then fftw3.dll)
latest releases: 2.7.45, 2.7.44, 2.7.43...
5 years ago