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MvTools2 2.7.43 with depans

MvTools2 + Depan + DepanEstimate

Change log
** 2.7.43 (20200602)**

  • MCompensate: fix crash for GreyScale formats when overlap is used

** 2.7.42 (20200522)**

  • MDegrain family: limit and limitc to float, allowing more granurality for 10+ bit depth
  • Update Avisynth headers, use V8 interface frame property copy if available

2.7.41 (20200430)

  • (MVTools2 and DepanEstimate unchanged)
  • Fixes in Depan.DLL:
    • fix regression: DepanInterleave colorspace check allowed no planar, only YUY2
    • Depan: Fix an issue when Depan would search for inputlog file even when there was no inputlog filename provided
    • Depan: Fix crash on YUY2 input on internal YV16 conversion

2.7.41 (20190502)

  • Fix: regression since 2.7.35: MSuper chroma for non-planar YUY2 (Thanks to mkauf)
  • Project moved to Visual Studio 2019, v141_xp and v142 toolset

2.7.40 (20190212)

  • Fix: MFlowInter possible crash with specific parameter and colorspace settings.
  • Fix: MFlowInter possible overflow at 16 bit clips (artifacts)
  • MFlow, MFlowInter, MFlowFPS, MFlowBlur, MBlockFPS: support all 8-16 and 32 bit float Y, YUV (4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4) and planar RGB color spaces.
    Input clip format is independent from the ones used for getting motion vectors.

2.7.39 (20190102)

  • MSuper: fix 16 bits, pel=2, sharp=2, which caused bottom-section artifacts for MDegrain using 8 bit vector origin and 16 bit real clip
  • MDegrain1-6,N: Enhanced:
    Input clip (and super) format now is fully independent from vector clip's base format (subsampling had to be the same before)
    E.g. make motion vector clips from a YV12 source and apply them on a 8-32 bit 4:4:4 input

2.7.38 (20181209)

  • MCompensate: Fix regression in latest v37: overlap=0 crash - ouch, sorry
  • MAnalyze DCT: FFTW float: quicker postprocess of DCT'd blocks, now is correct for non power-of-2 block sizes e.g. 12 or 24 (no effect on 8x8 for which fast integer DCT is used)
  • MAnalyze DCT: more consistent handling of post DCT internal normalization for non-square block sizes.

2.7.37 (20181128)

  • MCompensate: limit thSAD, thSAD2, thSCD1 to valid range 0-(8x8x255) (e.g. given thSAD = 100000 will go back to 16320)
  • Fix: MCompensate: use int64 to avoid effective thSAD and thSAD2 overflow typically happen at bigger block sizes or large thSAD parameter value.
  • MCompensate: SSE2 (8bit) and SSE4 (10-16 bit) overlap result calculation
  • Changed: SAD 8x8, 8x4, 4x4, 4x8 to use SSE2 instead of MMX registers
  • Fix: MDegrain if overlap<>0: missing rounder in rightmost 8 pixels for non-mod8 width 8 bit clips
  • Fix: MSuper artifacts at 10-32 bits and nPel==4
  • New: MCompensate 32 bit float and planar RGB support (by using motion vectors made from 8-16 bit YUV clip). Input and super clip can be of a different format than the one used for motion vector creation. (Similar to MDegrain1-6)

2.7.36 (20181120)

  • Fix: Allow overlap operation when there are only two blocks in either horizontal or vertical direction (was: division by 0 crash)
  • Fix: Fallback to overlap=0 mode when block count is only 1 in either h or v direction (was: undefined behaviour) The cases above occured for small frame sizes, when frame size and overlap values resulted in less than 3 blocks in a direction.
  • Misc: update html docs with overlap drawing and others.

2.7.35 (20181113)

  • MFlowXXX: Slight speed gain by putting the out-of-frame vector check to resizer
  • Fix: MAnalyze: Fix a possible internal overflow on larger blocksizes with small overlap e.g. BlkSize=32, OverlapX=0, OverlapY=4
  • MSuper: Planar RGB support.
  • MFlowFPS: Planar RGB support: generate vectors in YUV, use RGB input and super clip
  • MFlowFPS: less memory for 4:4:4 and greyscale
  • MFlowFPS: a bit faster 4:4:4, much faster greyscale
  • MFlowFPS: support different bit depth for clip and the vectors (use vectors from 8 bit analysis for a 16 bit clip)

2.7.34 (20181108)

  • MFlowInter: Use less memory, eliminates ten full-frame internal buffers

2.7.33 (20181021)

  • Fix: MFlowXX: random access violation caused by enlarged vectors pointing on out-of-frame positions

2.7.32 (20181018)

  • New: MAnalyze: Enhance mt mode report for Avisynth+: MT_SERIALIZED instead of MT_MULTI_INSTANCE when temporal=true or using output file.
  • Fix: MAnalyze: fix a possible internal overflow on larger blocksizes and lambda combinations. e.g. truemotion=true with blksize=32

2.7.31 (20180409)

  • Fix: MFlow: SC detection after having the mv clip. Fixed in but was missed during merge.
  • Fix: MFlow: crash in 16bit 4:2:0, mode=1
  • Fix: MDegrain, out16=true: Green bottom lines when overlap blocks are not covering the full vertical area

2.7.30 (20180405)

  • Fix: crash in MFlowInter (and possibly other MFlow...). v2.7.29 revelead this additional bug (which was not even 100% reproducible), this fix is basically the 2nd part of the solution.

2.7.29 (20180403)

  • Fix: MFlowInter (and possibly other MFlow...) crash with specific combination of analyze parameters (e.g. blkSize=16,overlapv=4,divide=1). Bug existed since at least

2.7.28 (20180323)

  • Fix: in MDegrain1-6/N allow Y8 input for out16 parameter

2.7.27 (20180318)

  • Fix: MDepan: use zerow parameter. The parameter had no effect probably since it had been introduced. (veins1)
  • MDepan: report MT mode for Avisynth+. MT_MULTI_INSTANCE, except for logfile writing output mode when it reports MT_SERIALIZED. (other filters already have proper registration, MDepan was missed)

2.7.26 (20180314)

  • New: MDegrain1-6 and N: new parameter bool "out16" = false. If set, 8 bit input results in native 16bit output (like lsb=true hack but this is native). Faster than lsb=true by up to 12% (i7-7700)
  • Faster: special 10 bit SAD functions instead of the generic 10-16bit ones. Depending on the block size, 4-17% gain for a typical MDegrain1-6 session (for exactly 10 bit clips)

2.7.25 (20180227)

  • Fix: x64: not-cleared mmx state in MSuper assembly code would cause crash later, e.g. in x264 encoding, depending on following filters.
  • Fix: MSCDetection SC value parameter name to Ysc from Yth (must be an ancient typo), docs are OK, but the fix is mentioned in docs
  • MSuper: import 8 bit sse2 interpolators from mvtools-vs. Extend them for 10-16bits (faster super clip). Some filters are still todo.
  • MSuper: support 32bit float clips, which can be used later by MDegrains (but not for MAnalyse)
  • MDegrains: allow degraining clip with different bit depth from vectors. Clip and Super must be the same bit depth
  • MDegrains: consistently use limit and limitC, 255 do nothing, otherwise scale 0-254 value to the current bit-depth range
  • Overlaps: more correct internal rounding for 8 bits:
    old: pixel = Sum( (tmp + 256) >> 6) >> 5
    new: pixel = (Sum( (tmp + 32) >> 6) + 16) >> 5
  • Overlaps: round for 16bits
    old: pixel = Sum(tmp) >> 11
    new: pixel = (Sum(tmp) + 1024) >> 11
  • Overlaps: 32bit float (but still use the original 11 bit window constants)
  • Project: change from yasm to nasm.

2.7.24 (20171205)

  • Fix: MFlowBlur: possible access violation crash when nPel>1
  • New: MScaleVect parameter 'bits'. e.g. Analyze 8 bit clips, use their vectors for 16 bits
  • Move project to VS2017

2.7.23 (20171012)

  • Fix: MScaleVect wrong rounding of scaled motion vectors with negative components. e.g. proper scaling (-1;-2) to (-2;-4) instead of (-1,-3)

2.7.22 (20170830)

  • Misc: Stop using version suffix .22
  • Fix: [DCT 8x8@8bit] garbage on x64: internal assembly code did not save xmm6/xmm7
  • Fix: [DCT 8x8@8bit] safe multithreading for integer DCT (8x8 block size, 8 bit video): assembly had a single working buffer.
  • Fix: [MDegrain] did not release input motion vector clips in destructor, possible hang at script closing. Bug since (introducing MDegrain4/5)
  • Mod: fftw conversion constant of sqrt(2)/2 is more accurate (was:0.707), 16 bit formats may benefit (by feisty2)
    Fix: SSE4 assembly instructions in x64, broke on non-SSE4 processors

For full changelog see documentation.

Bundled filters:
Depan: (20200522)
DepanEstimate: (20200522)
General support of 10-16 bit formats with Avisynth Plus (r2294 or newer recommended)

x86 and x64 builds
Windows XP is still supported, special DLLs with v141_xp toolset


latest releases: 2.7.45, 2.7.44
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