github pinterf/masktools 2.2.25
Masktools2 2.2.25

v2.2.25 (20200813)

  • Introduce swap1 to swap9, dup0 to dup9 keywords besides dup and swap
  • mt_infix duplicates the expression string when 'dup' found.
    swap, swap1..9 and dup1..9 in mt_infix appear as functions
    This is in no way a proper solution and does not result in valid expression.
    The effect of stack operations on the resulting expression is not easy to stringify.
    At least now dup and swap will appear somehow in infix.
  • mt_edge, mt_logic: fix possible use of AVX2 instructions on AVX-only processors (such as on i7-3930)
latest releases: 2.2.27, 2.2.26
13 months ago