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Masktools2 2.2.0, high bit depth additions

MaskTools 2

Masktools2 v2.2.0.0 (20170212)

Test version


  • mt_merge accepts 4:2:2 clips when luma=true
  • mt_merge to discard U and V automatically when input is greyscale
  • Some filters got native 10-16 bits support with recent Avisynth+ versions for YUV and planar RGB data
    (no alpha plane at the moment)
  • 16 bit filters accept stacked clips. Specify stacked=true for them.
    Stacked support is not intentional, but since tp7 did it, I did not remove the feature.
    Filters that will be ported later, probably will not support stacked format.
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, with XP support
    Require VS2015 Update 3 redistributables.


  • mt_merge (and probably other multi-clip filters) may result in corrupted results
    under specific circumstances, due to using video frame pointers which were already released from memory

New filters that work for 10-16 bit data on Avisynth+ or stacked data on previous Avisynth versions

  • mt_binarize16
  • mt_lut16
  • mt_logic16
  • mt_merge16
  • mt_average16
  • mt_makediff16
  • mt_adddiff16
  • mt_clamp16
  • mt_inflate16, mt_deflate16
  • mt_inpand16, mt_expand16


  • There is no automatic range scaling in expressions.
  • In future versions the base filters (e.g. mt_merge) will accept any-format clip automatically.
    No separate mt_merge16 will be necessary for non-8 bit clips.

Masktools2 info:


Original version: tp7's MaskTools 2 repository.

latest releases: 2.2.27, 2.2.26, 2.2.25...
4 years ago