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TIVTC 1.0.26 and TDeint 1.8

17 months ago

TIVTC v1.0.26 (20210222) & TDeInt v1.8 (20201214)

This is a modernization effort on tritical's TIVTC (v1.0.5) and TDeInt (v1.1.1) plugin for Avisynth by pinterf.

All credit goes to tritical, thanks for his work.

Since December 27th 2020 project can be built under Linux (x86/x64 only) as well. For build instructions see end of this readme.


v1.8 (20201214) - pinterf

  • Fix: TDeint: ignore parameter 'chroma' and treat as false for greyscale input
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v1.7 (20200921) - pinterf

  • Fix: TDeint: crash when edeint is a 10+ bit clip

v1.6 (20200611) - pinterf

  • Frame hints 10-16 bits
  • Proper 16 bit combing detection

v1.5 (20200513) - pinterf

  • Fix: mode=2 10-16 bit green screen
  • Fix: mode=2 right side artifact regression in v1.4 (SSE2)

v1.4 (20200512) - pinterf

  • 10-16 bit support
  • Greyscale support
  • Minor fixes on non-YV12 support
  • fix crash when mode=2 and map>=3 and slow>0
  • much more code clean and refactor

v1.3 (20200508)

  • Add YV411 support, now all 8 bit planar YUV formats supported (except on debug display modes)
  • more code clean and refactor
  • Give error on greyscale or 10+ bit videos

v1.2 (20200505)

  • Add AviSynth+ V8 interface support: passing frame properties
  • Add planar YV16 and YV24 color spaces (The Big Work)
    result: YV16 output is identical with YUY2 (but a bit slower at the moment)
  • Fix mode=0 for yuy2 (asm code was completely off)
  • Fix mode=0 (general), luma was never processed in CheckedComb
  • Fix crash with AviSynth+ versions (in general: when frame buffer alignment is more than 16 bytes)
  • TDeint: refactor, code clean, c++17 conformity, keep C and SSE2
  • Inline assembler code ported to intrinsics and C code.
  • Add some more SSE2 (MMX and ISSE code removed)
  • x64 version is compilable!
  • Add ClangCL, and XP configurations to the solutions.


v1.0.26 (20210222)

  • Fix: TDecimate YV16 possible crash in metrics calculation

v1.0.25 (20201214)

  • Fix: TFM, TDecimate and others: treat parameter 'chroma' as "false" for greyscale clips
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v1.0.24 (20201214)

  • Fix: TFM: do not give error on greyscale clip

v1.0.23 (20201020)

  • RequestLinear: fix: initial large frame number difference out of order frame requests
    caused by heavy multithreading could result in "internal error - frame not in cache"

v1.0.22 (20200805)

  • TDecimate, FrameDiff: further fix of SAD based metric calculation for block size 32 (v15 regression)
    (report and fix by 299792458m)

v1.0.21 (20200727)

  • TDecimate, FrameDiff: fix x-block size usage in metric calculation (v15 regression)
    (report and fix by 299792458m)

v1.0.20 (20200622)

  • TFM: fix crash when PP=1 and display=true (v19 regression)

v1.0.19 (20200611)

  • TIVTC filter: overall greyscale and 10-16 bit support
  • "display" works for all colorspaces (not only for YUY2 and YV12)
    (v1.0.18 - no release)
  • Fix: TFM: possible crash on YV16 for chroma=true (checkComb)
  • Fix: TDecimate: fix mode=5 crash at the initializing stage due to an unallocated metric buffer (old bug)
  • Fix: TFM: y0 (and y1) banding exclusion parameters are properly handled
    (by knowing that a frame is processed between 2 and (y0-2) for internal algorithmic reasons)

v1.0.17 (20200512)

  • Fix: TDecimate clip2 colorspace check
  • Fix: Metric calculation (regression after v14)

v1.0.16 (20200510)

  • Fix: TFMPP clip2 colorspace similarity check failed

v1.0.15 (20200508)

  • Fix random crashes (due to old plugin assumed that Avisynth framebuffer alignment is at most 16 bytes)
  • Other small fixes, which I do not know what affected
  • Support planar YV411, YV16 and YV24 besides YV12 (YUY2 was not removed)
    (except on debug display modes)
  • Huge refactor and code clean, made some parts common with TDeint, code un-duplicate-triplicate
  • only C and SSE2, no MMX, no ISSE
  • parameter opt=0 disables SSE2, 1-3 enables (was: 1:MMX 2:ISSE 3:SSE2)
  • Add ClangCL, and XP configurations to the solutions. (note: MSVC can be quicker(!))
  • Add AviSynth+ V8 interface support: passing frame properties
  • Give error on greyscale or 10+ bit videos
  • Todo: more refactor needed before moving to 10+ bit depth support

v1.0.14 (20190207)

  • Fix: option slow=2 field<>0. Thanks to 299792458m.
    Regression since 1.0.6 caused by bad assembly code reverse engineering. Tritical's original 1.0.5 was O.K.

v1.0.13 (skipped)
v1.0.12 (20190207)
(incomplete, 1.0.14 replaces)

v1.0.11 (20180323)

  • Revert to pre-1.0.9 usehint detection: conflicted with mode 5 (sometimes bad clip length was reported)
    (reason of the workaround (crash at mysterious circumstances) was eliminated: mmx state was not cleared in mvtools2)
  • Fix: bad check for emptiness of orgOut parameter

v1.0.10 (20180119)

  • integrate new orgOut parameter for TDecimate (by 8day) (see TDecimate - READ ME.txt)

v1.0.9 (20170608)

  • Fix (workaround): Move frame hints detection from constructor into the first GetFrame (x64 build with 64 bit x264 crash under mysterious circumstances)
  • Filters autoregister themselves as MT_SERIALIZED for Avisynth+, except MergeHints (MT_MULTI_INSTANCE)
    Note: for proper serialized behaviour under Avisynth+ MT, please use avs+ r2504 or later.

v1.0.8 (20170429)

  • Fix: TFM PP=2 and PP=5 (Blend deint)

v1.0.7 (20170427)

  • fix crash in FieldDiff (in new SIMD SSE2 rewrite)

v1.0.6 (20170421) - pinterf

  • project migrated to VS 2015
  • AVS 2.6 interface, no Avisynth 2.5.x support
  • some fixes
  • x64 port and readability: move all inline asm to simd intrinsics or C
  • supports and requires SSE2
  • MMX and ISSE is not supported, but kept in the source code for reference
  • source code cleanups

v1.0.5 (2008) - tritical

  • see old readmes

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Linux build instructions

  • Clone repo

      git clone
      cd TIVTC/src
      cmake -B build -S .
      cmake --build build
  • Find binaries at

  • Install binaries

      cd build
      sudo make install

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