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TIVTC 1.0.25 and TDeint 1.8

latest release: v1.0.26
20 months ago

TIVTC v1.0.25 (20201214)

TDeInt v1.8 (20201214)

This is a modernization effort on tritical's TIVTC (v1.0.5) and TDeInt (v1.1.1) plugin for Avisynth by pinterf


** TDeInt v1.8 (20201214) - pinterf

  • Fix: TDeint: ignore parameter 'chroma' and treat as false for greyscale input


v1.0.25 (20201214)

  • Fix: TFM, TDecimate and others: treat parameter 'chroma' as "false" for greyscale clips

v1.0.24 (20201214)

  • Fix: TFM: do not give error on greyscale clip

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