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TIVTC 1.19 and TDeint 1.6

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2 years ago

TIVTC v1.0.19 (20200611)

TDeInt v1.6 (20200611)

This is a modernization effort on tritical's TIVTC (v1.0.5) and TDeInt (v1.1.1) plugin for Avisynth by pinterf

TDeint (see change log of TIVTC later)

** TDeInt v1.6 (20200611) - pinterf

  • Frame hints 10-16 bits
  • Proper 16 bit combing detection

** TDeInt v1.5 (20200513) - pinterf

  • Fix: mode=2 10-16 bit green screen
  • Fix: mode=2 right side artifact regression in v1.4 (SSE2)

** TDeInt v1.4 (20200512) - pinterf

  • 10-16 bit support
  • Greyscale support
  • Minor fixes on non-YV12 support
  • fix crash when mode=2 and map>=3 and slow>0
  • much more code clean and refactor

** TDeInt v1.3 (20200508) **

  • Add YV411 support, now all 8 bit planar YUV formats supported (except on debug display modes)
  • more code clean and refactor
  • Give error on greyscale or 10+ bit videos

** TDeInt v1.2 (20200505) **

  • Add AviSynth+ V8 interface support: passing frame properties
  • Add planar YV16 and YV24 color spaces (The Big Work)
    result: YV16 output is identical with YUY2 (but a bit slower at the moment)
  • Fix mode=0 for yuy2 (asm code was completely off)
  • Fix mode=0 (general), luma was never processed in CheckedComb
  • Fix crash with AviSynth+ versions (in general: when frame buffer alignment is more than 16 bytes)
  • TDeint: refactor, code clean, c++17 conformity, keep C and SSE2
  • Inline assembler code ported to intrinsics and C code.
  • Add some more SSE2 (MMX and ISSE code removed)
  • x64 version is compilable!
  • Add ClangCL, and XP configurations to the solutions.

TIVTC v1.0.19 (20200611):

v1.0.19 (20200611)

  • TIVTC filter: overall greyscale and 10-16 bit support
  • "display" works for all colorspaces (not only for YUY2 and YV12)
    (v1.0.18 - no release)
  • Fix: TFM: possible crash on YV16 for chroma=true (checkComb)
  • Fix: TDecimate: fix mode=5 crash at the initializing stage due to an unallocated metric buffer (old bug)
  • Fix: TFM: y0 (and y1) banding exclusion parameters are properly handled
    (by knowing that a frame is processed between 2 and (y0-2) for internal algorithmic reasons)

v1.0.17 (20200512)

  • Fix: TDecimate clip2 colorspace check
  • Fix: Metric calculation (regression after v14)

v1.0.16 (20200510)

  • Fix: TFMPP clip2 colorspace similarity check failed

v1.0.15 (20200508)

  • Fix random crashes (due to old plugin assumed that Avisynth framebuffer alignment is at most 16 bytes)
  • Other small fixes, which I do not know what affected
  • Support planar YV411, YV16 and YV24 besides YV12 (YUY2 was not removed)
    (except on debug display modes)
  • Huge refactor and code clean, made some parts common with TDeint, code un-duplicate-triplicate
  • only C and SSE2, no MMX, no ISSE
  • parameter opt=0 disables SSE2, 1-3 enables (was: 1:MMX 2:ISSE 3:SSE2)
  • Add ClangCL, and XP configurations to the solutions. (note: MSVC can be quicker(!))
  • Add AviSynth+ V8 interface support: passing frame properties
  • Give error on greyscale or 10+ bit videos
  • Todo: more refactor needed before moving to 10+ bit depth support

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