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TIVTC 1.14 (not changed) updated with TDeint 1.20

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2 years ago

TIVTC v1.0.14 (20190207) # TDeInt v1.2 (20200505)

This is a modernization effort on tritical's TIVTC (v1.0.5) and TDeInt (v1.1.1) plugin for Avisynth by pinterf

TDeint (see change log of TIVTC later)

** TDeInt v1.2 (20200505 - work in progress) **

  • Add AviSynth+ V8 interface support: passing frame properties
  • Add planar YV16 and YV24 color spaces (The Big Work)
    result: YV16 output is identical with YUY2 (but a bit slower at the moment)
  • Fix mode=0 for yuy2 (asm code was completely off)
  • Fix mode=0 (general), luma was never processed in CheckedComb
  • Fix crash with AviSynth+ versions (in general: when frame buffer alignment is more than 16 bytes)
  • TDeint: refactor, code clean, c++17 conformity, keep C and SSE2
  • Inline assembler code ported to intrinsics and C code.
  • Add some more SSE2 (MMX and ISSE code kept but is not active)
  • x64 version is compilable!
  • Add ClangCL, and XP configurations to the solutions.

TIVTC v1.0.14 (20190207):

v1.0.14 (20190207)

  • Fix: option slow=2 field<>0. Thanks to 299792458m.
    Regression since 1.0.6 caused by bad assembly code reverse engineering. Tritical's original 1.0.5 was O.K.

v1.0.13 (skipped)
v1.0.12 (20190207)
(incomplete, 1.0.14 replaces)

v1.0.11 (20180323)

  • Revert to pre-1.0.9 usehint detection: conflicted with mode 5 (sometimes bad clip length was reported)
    (reason of the workaround (crash at mysterious circumstances) was eliminated: mmx state was not cleared in mvtools2)
  • Fix: bad check for emptiness of orgOut parameter

v1.0.10 (20180119)

  • integrate new orgOut parameter for TDecimate (by 8day) (see TDecimate - READ ME.txt)

v1.0.9 (20170608)

  • Fix (workaround): Move frame hints detection from constructor into the first GetFrame (x64 build with 64 bit x264 crash under mysterious circumstances)
  • Filters autoregister themselves as MT_SERIALIZED for Avisynth+, except MergeHints (MT_MULTI_INSTANCE)
    Note: for proper serialized behaviour under Avisynth+ MT, please use avs+ r2504 or later.

v1.0.8 (20170429)

  • Fix: TFM PP=2 and PP=5 (Blend deint)

v1.0.7 (20170427)

  • fix crash in FieldDiff (in new SIMD SSE2 rewrite)

v1.0.6 (20170421) - pinterf

  • project migrated to VS 2015
  • AVS 2.6 interface, no Avisynth 2.5.x support
  • some fixes
  • x64 port and readability: move all inline asm to simd intrinsics or C
  • supports and requires SSE2
  • MMX and ISSE is not supported, but kept in the source code for reference
  • source code cleanups

v1.0.5 (2008) - tritical

  • see old readmes

Future plans: support additional color spaces, now YV12 and YUY2 is supported

All credit goes to tritical, thanks for his work.

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