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phpPgAdmin 7.12.1

latest release: REL_7-13-0
2 years ago

I'm pleased to introduce the latest release of phpPgAdmin, version 7.12.1.

This release incorporates the following changes:

  • Fix a number of issues related to changes in Postgres 12.
  • Fix an issue with truncation of long multibyte strings
  • Removal of broken tree branches from table/view browse option
  • Properly escape identifiers when browsing tables/views/schemas
  • Add support for granting USAGE on sequences

Note this new version now requires support for the mbstring module in PHP.

Special thanks to Jean-Michel Vourgère, who supplied a number of significant patches and updates towards this release. For complete details of changes, please see the HISTORY file and/or commit logs. We hope you find this new release helpful!

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