github phpipam/phpipam v1.2.0

New features:
+ Added multiple simultaneous authentication methods (Apache, AD, LDAP, Radius, NetIQ);
+ Added fping scanning support;
+ Added selectable scanning type (ping/pear/fping);
+ Added L2 domains;
+ Added option to define address as default GW for subnet;
+ Added customizable address tags with compressed option;
+ Added temporary subnet / address shares;
+ Added quick subnet masks;
+ Added nameserver sets per subnets (jonashauge);
+ Added optional syslog as log location;
    + documentation:
    + API v2, old v1 support added
    + Complete rewrite of all API calls;
    + New security models (crypt, ssl, none);
    + Support for custom fields;
    + JSON / XML output
    + Full read/write controllers (Sections, Subnets/Folders, Addresses, Vlans, Vrfs);
+ PowerDNS integration:
    + Automatic reverse records creation (PTR) - IPv4 and IPv6;
    + Automatic SOA, NS record creation;
    + DNS domain management;
+ Added Scan agents to scan subnets remotely;
+ Added firewall zone mappings and module;
+ Added per-subnet DNS resolvers;
+ Added option to mark subnet as utilized (full);

+ All tables are now InnoDB by default;
+ Upgraded jQuery to 2.1.3;
+ All functions rewritten to classes/methods;
+ Parametized all SQL queries, moved from MySQLI to PDO;
+ Added VLAN/VRF to search and to search results export;
+ Redesigned admin and tools menu;
+ Added scanned/discovered subnets to tools for faster overview;
+ Per-user display settings;
+ New widget - tools shortcuts;
+ New widget - IP calculator;
+ New widget - request IP address;
+ Clickable links for subnet fields;
+ Custom VRF fields;
+ Subnets can be now linked to devices;
+ Import/export enhancements;
+ Fast user switching for admins to impersonate user;
+ Opened folders and subnets in tree menu are saved on page reload;
+ RWA users can now process IP requests;
+ Added auto-suggest for possible slave subnets;
+ SSL option for MySQL connections;
+ Enum custom field support;
+ Added password reset script;
+ Set sections to display VRF in;

Security Fixes:
+ Parametized all MySQL querries;
+ Fixed plainpass being logged on user update;
+ Fixed XSS exploit on /error/;
+ Added CSRF protection to forms;

+ Added Czech translation;

+ Fixed bug with SSL/TLS smtp servers;
+ Fixed visual subnet display issues on 32bit systems;
+ Fixed IPv6 split subnets bug;
+ Fixed /31 ping bug scanning out of boundaries;
+ Fixed nested broadcast not counted to used percentage;
+ Fixed invalid redirect after timeout;
+ Fixed discovery script index overridden;
+ Fixed dashboard graphs links to subnets;
+ Fixed Invalid ID on subnet scan of large subnets;
latest releases: v1.4.4, v1.4.3, v1.4.2...
5 years ago