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pre-release2 years ago

The first beta release in the v3 release cycle. In the last few months, a lot of changes have been made to make the final result more exiting. This beta has a number of fixes regarding windows support.

We extended the build pipeline using GitHub actions to improve the maintainability of the project. And removed a lot of outdated templates.

The default template has been changed to a brand new default, which supports all-new features in phpDocumentor. Have a look at the demo of default and tell us what you think.

Call for feedback

PhpDocumentor is developed by a small team with limited time. Our current code base is not fully covered by automated tests. So we are not able to find all regressions or missing features. We would be very grateful when you provide us feedback on this beta release to improve the quality of phpDocumentor.


The full changelog can be found in our changelog file

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