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pre-release4 years ago

Our first release after months of development is a first huge step forward to improve the internals of phpDocumentor. This first alpha release should be a drop-in replacement for phpDocumentor v2. However we do strongly recommend to clear your phpDocumentor cache directory.

This release should be able to parse your php 7+ projects without issues. We are still working on new features to be implemented like parsing of return types and scalar type hints.

Call for feedback

PhpDocumentor is developed by a small team with limited time. Our current code base is not fully covered by automated tests. So we are not able to find all regressions or missing features. We would be very grateful when you provide us feedback on this alpha release to improve the quality of phpDocumentor.

Change log


  • New Reflection v4 component.
  • New Reflection Docblock v4 component
  • New Type Resolver component
  • New File finder component to replace our old Symfony based implementation.
  • Docker image
  • All dependencies are updated to there latest versions.


  • Nothing


  • Bug fixes on @use and @link elements


  • Symlink support
  • Validators
  • php 5 support
  • PEAR install method


  • Nothing

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