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Release v3.0.0-alpha.4

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pre-release3 years ago

A fourth alpha release in v3 line. Containing a large number of bug fixes reported by alpha version users. Thanks a lot for this feedback. We do appreciate the feedback we've got.

Call for feedback

PhpDocumentor is developed by a small team with limited time. Our current code base is not fully covered by automated tests. So we are not able to find all regressions or missing features. We would be very grateful when you provide us feedback on this alpha release to improve the quality of phpDocumentor.

Change log


  • Automated release process
  • Add php 7.3 to travis #2031
  • Make progress bars the default output


  • Nothing


  • Fix(Dockerfile): configure: error: Please reinstall the libzip distribution #2099
  • Invalid tags will no longer prevent a whole file from being shown
  • Improved QA pipeline with better checks and more stable tests
  • Add bin folder for phpdoc to PATH in Docker image
  • Make inclusion of sourcecode configurable
  • Default visibility for v3 config should be all, and not just public
  • Fix bug where a variadic argument was not detected as such
  • Enable Variadic checks and output visibility level when method cannot be found
  • Added additional information when a method cannot be found
  • Rewrite logging to clean up output
  • Ensure that the test works on both Mac and Linux
  • Reintroduce the 'none' configuration file option
  • Fix regresion on phpdoc v2 config parsing
  • Fix for property tag
  • Fix author tag
  • Restore orginal pre v3 type system
  • Add missing ext-json
  • Deduplicate types
  • Improves autoloading detection
  • Fix crash with ini_set when opcache is enabled on CLI


  • Remove Zend-cache dependency
  • Remove Zend-filter dependency
  • Remove plugin support
  • Remove deprecated symfony/lts package
  • Remove JMS Serializer and refactor infra packages
  • Delete Scrybe
  • Remove translation support from phpDocumentor
  • Remove php 7.0 support, v3 needs PHP 7.1 or higher


  • Nothing

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