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pre-release4 years ago

A third alpha release in v3 line. Containing a large number of bug fixes reported by alpha version users. Thanks a lot for this feedback. We do appreciate the feedback we've got.

Call for feedback

PhpDocumentor is developed by a small team with limited time. Our current code base is not fully covered by automated tests. So we are not able to find all regressions or missing features. We would be very grateful when you provide us feedback on this alpha release to improve the quality of phpDocumentor.

Change log


  • Version command
  • phpstan max level checks
  • composer require checker to ensure the stability of the install
  • Add support for configuration file phpdoc.xml.dist #1997


  • Nothing


  • issue with path validation on windows #2011
  • Fix issue with default command. phpdocumentor should execute run by default again.
  • Fix issue with directory param. Path in now added to the conig so it will be parsed
  • Markers are detected again
  • Configurable twig cache
  • Add support for multi-type array notation #607
  • Fix template argument from command line
  • XML template processing works again
  • Issue with config loading from non default location


  • Nothing


  • Nothing

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