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v2.6.0: Improve tag support and resolve issues

latest releases: v3.3.1, v3.3.1-rc, v3.3.0...
8 years ago
ADDED:     #1087: Fully support `@see`
ADDED:     #1213: Resolve inline @see and @link to Markdown link
CHANGED:   #1186: Move checking of writer requirements
CHANGED:   #1267: XSL should use Router
CHANGED:   Update contribution guide to match new XHGUI
CHANGED:   #1248: Replace ZendConfig with Serializer-based config
CHANGED:   #1017: Updated help output for --hidden to be more descriptive
CHANGED:   #1264: Clean template no longer requires an internet connection
CHANGED:   #1212: Plugin configuration can now be loaded from a config file
CHANGED:   #1194: Add support for default parameter values in @method
FIXED:     #1313: Namespace Aliases are not stored on FileDescriptor
FIXED:     #1308: Multiple templates in configuration do not work
FIXED:     #713: XSL Templates are not found in Windows
FIXED:     #1253: Transformation crashes on typehint
FIXED:     #1268: Restore handling of visibility
FIXED:     #1130: Arrays not resolved in documentation
FIXED:     #1278: Template is not read from configuration
FIXED:     #1239: Parseprivate always triggers a complete parsing run
FIXED:     Parsing crashes on visibility as string
FIXED:     Routing crashes in Twig
FIXED:     #1307: Parsing crashes on unknown trait
FIXED:     #1114: Debug mode for Twig was not enabled
FIXED:     Errors were not shown in XSL templates
FIXED:     Remove duplicate namespace separator in constants defined by DEFINE
FIXED:     #930: @see and @link did not resolve self
FIXED:     #993: UTF-8 characters in filenames do not work in windows
FIXED:     #790: Inheritance in XSL was incorrectly registered
FIXED:     #713: Phar was sometimes not working on windows due to paths
FIXED:     Restore Behat tests
FIXED:     #1252: Namespaces are not shown on responsive template

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