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8 years ago

In the past few weeks our team has focused on fixing as many bugs as possible. We have managed to bring the list down significantly but unfortunately not all are included as they have been done in the last few days before this release.

But that only means there is something to look forward to!

Here is the list of changes in this release:

FIXED:     #1211: Loading a single plugin is not possible
FIXED:     #1232: Routing crashes on magic property in trait
FIXED:     #157: Classes do not inherit trait methods and props
FIXED:     #1193: Package tags don't inherit to classes
FIXED:     #1229: @method tag in a trait causes Exception
FIXED:     #1196: Some files cannot be copied with FileIO
CHANGED:   Better OPcache handling, annotations are not stripped anymore in PHP 5.5+
CHANGED:   phpdoc.php was renamed to phpdoc; phpdoc.php is kept for backwards compatibility

In addition to the above we managed to raise our code coverage to increase the stability of the application!

Have fun documenting!

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