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Variadics and bug fixes

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8 years ago

Another 6 weeks have passed, time for release 2.4!

These weeks go by faster than you'd expect; but in the mean time we haven't sat still at all. The main improvement for this release is that Variadics have been implemented and the Clean template now also features a shiny deprecated elements report.

And of course you haven't sat still as well. phpDocumentor is out there and used a lot, and as a result of that we receive new issue reports regularly which we try to fix as soon as we can.

All I can say is: keep them coming!

These issue reports help us to make phpDocumentor even more awesome than it already is (at least, we like to think so ;)).

Here is a complete changelog of the fixes and changes in the past period:

FIXED:     #1141: Deprecated report was missing in Clean template.
FIXED:     #1191: Opcache comments were not disabled due to incorrect extension name
FIXED:     #1184, #1181: @package tag on File was not recognized and not inherited on children
FIXED:     #1180: phpDocumentor crashes if an `@subpackage` has no name set
FIXED:     #1178: Generating a marker listing crashes sometimes
FIXED:     #1176: DocBlocks were not overridden on subclasses
FIXED:     #1163: Responsive and Responsive-twig templates do not work on HTTPS
FIXED:     #1158: Clean and Responsive template shows empty namespace menu when there are no namespaces
FIXED:     #1134, #1132: GraphViz reports can crash due to empty labels
FIXED:     #1098: Re-added missing Javascript file
FIXED:     #1037: IE did not like empty anchors
FIXED:     #152:  @internal and @ignore did not behave as expected
FIXED:     Javascript notices in Clean by upgrading jQuery
ADDED:     #1141: Deprecated report to the Clean template
ADDED:     #629:  Support for Variadics
CHANGED:   #1099, #1101: Replaced custom PHAR compiling with and fixing issues in the mean time

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